William Baer Gets Arrested – For Speaking

Posted May 7th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Parts of the Gilford, NH school system are out of control – issuing pornographic books to 9th graders – and having their parents arrested when they voice objections.William Baer Arrested Gilford NH school board
The issue is a passage in the book about two high school kids having sexIt is very graphic.  Most parents wouldn’t want their 13-yr old reading it. Willaim Baer was making that clear when a cop removed him from the room, – and arrested him for ‘resisting’.

Watch the video below the fold:

What’s going on in Gilford? Have the godless liberals taken over the schools there too?

Jodi PicoultThe book in question is “Nineteen Minutes” – a 2007 book by Jodi Picoult – well-known left-wing author. It was assigned to the Freshman class – 9th grade – 13-year old kids.

Set in “Stirling, New Hampshire” – it covers abusive dating, rough sex, bullying, and an eventual school shooting. 

It was allegedly assigned to be “thought provoking”.

Mister Baer is one of many parents who felt it was age-inappropriate, and came to voice his objections.

I sympathize, – having gone through similar crap with the Acton-Boxborough school system – where the teacher union president is openly gay – and inflicts his gay agenda on the entire school system.

Here in Acton, our school boards have always seemed oblivious to inappropriate reading assignments and areas of study. Even after kids die, they essentially ignore a widespread drug and in-school drinking problem.

Gilford NH School Board faces

I suspect the Gilford School Board has chosen to cover for their guilty teacher. Now Baer’s arrest for ‘violating their 2-minute rule’ – provides cover for the real issues.

Across our land – liberal union teachers are taking unto themselves the role of parents.

They are teaching about gay sex to kids as young as kindergarten, teaching acceptance of gay lifestyles “celebrating differences”, – Man-Made Global Warming [or the new buzz-word ‘climate change’], – and Agenda 21 ‘concerns for mother Earth’.

They teach that ‘all religions are equal’ – but pointedly FAIL to teach about the horrific practices and treatment of women and gays under Islam.

So,…WHICH arrogant self-absorbed teacher thought that sending kids home with “Nineteen Minutes” was going to help 13-year old kids deal with life?

What discipline or counseling will this teacher [Gail Hutchinson?] receive? [For causing this level of unrest – she should be fired!]

Will charges against Baer be dismissed, – or will he have an arrest recordpossibly precluding him owning a firearm – for the ‘crime’ of defending his right to raise his daughter and protect her from pornographypornography issued by a teacher?

FOR THE RECORD: Principle Peter Sawyer [603-524-7135] returned my 4th phone call – but the school district has already ‘lawyered up’.  He only gave me the Superintendent Kent Hemmingway’s phone number – 603  527-9215 – and hung up.

Watch Baer’s daughter address the board minutes after her dad’s arrest. He should be proud of her courage and her simple eloquence!

UPDATE: 26 Feb 2015 The saga continues. The Gilford cops took the case of ‘Disturbing the Peace’ to court – and lost in December. Now Baer is suing the police department and the cops involved for violating his 1st Amendment guarantee of Free Speech.

4 Responses to “William Baer Gets Arrested – For Speaking”

  1. Vic

    So much for freedom of speech.

  2. Casey Chapman

    This is how it starts.

  3. Walter Knight

    Notice the photographers hoping for a Rodney King moment.

    The parent should not be arrested for speaking out of turn. That’s to be expected at a heated meeting. The polite were too quick to arrest, and he did stop speaking.

    A side issue is the resisting. If a police officer says you are under arrest, that does not mean you can refuse to go with him.

    As for the school board’s decision, they’re elected, but that doesn’t mean their decisions are final. We have the right and responsibility to let them know our opinions. That school board should be hounded out of office.

    Most school boards are under the radar. Shine a light on them, make them uncomfortable. It will bring other issues to the public’s attention, hopefully affecting the next school board election.

  4. Bobbi Baer

    What ever happened to freedom of speech???!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is pathetic! I hope he fights that.