The Path Of The Warrior

Posted May 25th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Memorial Day,  Monday May 25th 2015 

Please Don’t Thank Me This Weekend!

Posted May 24th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Remember them, – cherish them, – and thank them instead….American Cemetery - Moselle France

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Former Muslim Allies Mock Obama

Posted May 23rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

If we told you this in English, – you’d say we’re racists and were just making things up.  OK Dhimmicrats – go get your own Arab to translate this for you:

The real tragedy is that this phony Hope & Change charlatan is going to cost hundreds of thousands of Muslim lives, – and at a minimum, – several thousand American lives.

Mitch McConnell: Obama’s New Treason Tool

Posted May 23rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

He shall have Power,  by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate,  to make Treaties,  provided two thirds of the Senators present concur;…”  Article II, § 2McConnell Obama Xi Jinping
The Senate just passed an unconstitutional bill 62-37 – allegedly giving Obama fast-track approval authority [TPA] for the deal he wants to make with China – the Trans-Pacific Partnership [TPP].  We have to wonder:  What’s in this secret deal that benefits McConnell…?
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“America Must Win This War!”

Posted May 23rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Private Martin Treptow 1894 – 1918 168th Infantry, IAARNG

Remember when we had a President who understood that “Global Warming” wasn’t the greatest threat to our national security…?

Kevin Steele Attempts Ambush Journalism

Posted May 22nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

The Far Left is after Texas Senator Ted Cruz, – looking for any slip-up or any gotcha moment.  They hate him almost as much as they hate our Constitution,  – and they’ve set their dogs upon him.
Kevin Steele   Ted Cruz

Down in Beaumont, Texas local news jock [aka news jerk] Kevin Steele of KBMT12 in wanted to know why Ted ‘hates gays’

Once again Ted impresses us with his calm,  reasoned answer to this left-wing ambush journalism.  This is the kind of man we need in the White House during a crisis,  – unlike the cheap blame-casting liar we have today.  Video below the fold: Read more »

Daron Dylon Wint: Predator Without A Soul?

Posted May 22nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

We know only the minimal facts – he worked for his victim; – then tortured the family over two days before murdering them.  For the past 6 years and 4 months he has enjoyed the pride of having a Black President.  It didn’t soften his evil; – did it give him a sense of invincibility…?Daron Dylon Wint and victims
DC has no Death Penalty.
  Folks there are going to want to bring it back!
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Bill Whittle’s Sound Advice

Posted May 22nd, 2015 by Iron Mike

“BE PREPARED!”  With what looks like a nasty summer brewing,  now IS the time to stock up on food, water, ammo, batteries, toilet paper, rope and wire ties, – and if you live along a fault zone – an earthquake kit in your vehicle.

We can all ‘hope’ for the best and pray for deliverance, – but damnit – be prepared!   And the older you are,  the more you need a battle plan.

Climate Change Mister pResident?

Posted May 21st, 2015 by Iron Mike

On a beautiful, cool, and breezy spring day, Obama came to New London for the graduation of the Coast Guard Academy Class of 2015….
Climate Change mister president
We’ve just endured the longest, coldest, and snowiest winter on record, – and yet Obama told the graduates that Climate Change is the greatest threat to our National Security.

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They Played Him For The Fool He Is

Posted May 20th, 2015 by Iron Mike

They knew all he wanted was a Peace Prize, – so they strung him along – posed for photo-ops, – all the while laughing their asses off.
Kerry Played for a FOOL

Obama is laughing too, – as is Hillary.
  Are RRB readers the only ones who saw this coming?
Iran and the NorKs – double bad news for the world today.