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The WAR on COPS has begun: Gunman wrote: “They Take 1 Of Ours…Let’s Take 2 of Their’s”Gunman murders 2 NYPD
Two NYC Cops have been executed – shot multiple times in the head – around 3 PM as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn.
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Hands UP – Don’t Shoot – Without ME!

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Al Sharpton emerges as Capo-di-tutti-Capi of the “Racial Forgiveness and Atonement” racket. Jesse Jackson is going to be REALLY PISSED, – that used to be HIS rice bowl.Sharpton  the race card
Sharpton makes a ‘deal’ with Sony Pictures executive Amy Pascal [she of the racist Obama emails] – giving him a say-so on how movies are made.  There seems to be no end to Sharpton’s talents – for extorting dollars out of white people.

Hey Amy, – how much is this “Atonement” costing Sony?  Will it be enough for Al to pay his back taxes?

We Need To Remember…

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It’s been a very ugly year.  We need to remember why we celebrate Christmas!

Dying For Stolen Drugs

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Isai Robert Delcid – 18, died trying to steal drugs for his older brother Carlos – 22.Carlos and Isai Delcid
Drugs are harmless?  Really?  Carlos Delcid had twice stolen drugs from the home of Anna Marie and George Wyant, in Charlotte, NC, – once while servicing their air conditioner, – once by breaking in. This time he sent his little brother in…. Read more »

Early Christmas for Commies:

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NorKs shut down Sony; Castro Brothers win Cold War!

Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy must be spinning in their graves!
Obama Surrenders to Cuba and NorKs

Obama – with diplomatic and military failures enough to haunt ten presidents, – has just surrendered to the Castro Brothers and the Mongolian Runt!  I guess he figures a horde of Cuban ‘refugees’ – will help dilute the Republican vote…?

Mongolian Runt Scares Sony And Obama

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While Obama was busy droning ISIS,  pulling out of Afghanistan,  and ignoring our Southern Border, – Kim Jung-un – the demented Napoleonic runt leader of North Korea has apparently hacked Sony Pictures so completely they’ve been forced to stop film production.
NorKs hack the interview

Now they’ve threatened to bomb any theater showing the movie “The Interview” – a comedy based on an assassination of the Runt.

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Jeb Bush? President? No! – HELL NO!

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Jeb wants to be Bush 45?   HELL NO!!
Hell No Jeb Bush

We’ve had enough of these FAKE REPUBLICANS and RiNOs!  They’re a wishy-washy spineless lot of eager self-servers – who have never read our Constitution, – much less studied it!

I don’t care if Jeb speaks Spanish.  Let him go run for President of Mexico! Read more »

New York Times Layoffs Start Today

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Layoffs Begin Today: New York Times laying off 100+ ‘reporters’ and newsroom staff.    Merry Christmas!NY Times Layoffs

This would seem terribly unfair, even heartless – on the surface.   But these are the very people who should have vetted Obama back in 2007 – 2008. And since he was elected and took office – they’ve buried any story about his misdeeds and screw-ups. Read more »

Taliban Kill 84 Pakistan School Kids!

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UPDATE: Death toll rising to over 130…
Reports of kids forced to watch teachers being burned alive.

Attack aimed to demoralize Pakistan Army unit serving in the tribal areas – the school served the sons of soldiers.
Religion of Peace

The ‘Brave Soldiers of Allah’ used a suicide bomb and followed up by spraying automatic rifle fire, – killed 84 [more may die] – and wounding nearly as many.

These ‘Brave Warriors’ didn’t have the guts to attack the fathers… Read more »

We Needed A Diversity Surgeon General?

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Vivek MurthyHe hates guns,…he worked as a political shill for Obama, – and suddenly, – just 11 years out of medical school, he’s qualified to be the US Surgeon General?

He didn’t finish his residency until 2006.

Once again Obama has picked an unqualified political sycophant – Dr. Vivek Murthy, out of 894,000 US physicians.

I guess we should be relieved that he didn’t pick an abortionist…. Read more »