White Thugs: Parsons & Varrichione

Posted April 23rd, 2014 by ironmike

Parsons and VarrichioneHow come these guys are out on “Personal Recognizance”?

These college football players 6′ 6” Craig ‘CJ’ Parsons of Boston College and his high school buddy 6′ 4” Anthony Varrichione of Marist College, – savagely beat a homeless Boston man – Michael Hudson – on the night of January 26th.

Hudson was apparently begging outside a gated complex, and refused to move away. Parson knocked him unconsciousness, then smashed his head into the pavement “three or four times’. Read more »

A New Iron Curtain Across Europe

Posted April 23rd, 2014 by ironmike

The World pays a terrible price when we Americans elect fools.
Truman Obama 1945 to 2014

Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Carter, Clinton, Obama
– all utter noviciates in the Arts of Warfare and Geo-Politics. Worse, they were all idealistic dreamers, fools, – and racists. Because they were both inept and foolish, unable to envision unwanted consequences, – millions died, – and millions were enslaved.

This is the stark, ugly, real History that Democrats desperately want forgotten. Only today it’s back! Read more »

Ed Markey – Lifelong Fool

Posted April 23rd, 2014 by ironmike

Ed wants Congress to ban “Hate Speech”.   After 41 years on our payroll, he still can’t define it [nobody can], – but he wants Congress to create an agency to regulate it.
Ed Markey Hate Speech

What’s this really all about? After 41 years of standing quietly in the back of the crowd, Ed is suddenly feeling the need to appear relevant. That’s a tough chore for the former ice cream truck driver – who never studied our Constitution. So now he’s jousting at windmills. Read more »

TEA Party Republican Wins In Florida

Posted April 22nd, 2014 by ironmike

Curt Clawson – businessman and TEA Party Republican has just won a 4-way Curt Clawsonprimary battle for the vacant 19th Congressional District seat.

He’ll face Republican turncoat April Freeman in a Special Election on June 24th.

The 19th District is heavily conservative, well populated with retirees from the Yankee North, – folks who worked hard all their lives and don’t much like what Washington is doing with our future. Read more »

Obama Sends Joe Biden To Tell Lies

Posted April 22nd, 2014 by ironmike

…a mission so craven and loathsome even John Kerry couldn’t be trusted to pull it off!
Biden delivers Obama's lies to Ukraine

Vice President Joe Biden
is in the Ukraine – to reassure that besieged nation that America has their back.  It’s totally not true!  Obama will sell them down the river the first time Putin barks. Hell, Obama doesn’t even have our back!
Read more »

Death By Hoodie In Lynn, Mass

Posted April 21st, 2014 by ironmike

Live by the ‘Gangsta Code’ – you’ll die that way!
Death by Hoodie
It happens daily across this troubled land, – teenagers dress and act like street thugs – and buy into more trouble than they can handle.

This past Wednesday in Lynn, MA – it happened again. Read more »

Mohammed Pedro Whitaker – Jihadist

Posted April 19th, 2014 by ironmike

Mohammed Pedro WhitakerThe Saint Louis highway sniper turns out to be a home-grown Muslim terrorist.

Of course Obama and Holder will caution us not to jump to any conclusions.

He shot at cars – from his car, – and hit at least 9 we know of for sure, wounding three people. There are 20 incidents under investigation.

Police found a .380 pistol, a mask, and 3 black hoodies, – but again, don’t jump to conclusions.

This “jihadi” isn’t so tough without his mask, Read more »

Exhibit A: Jeremiah Oliver’s Body

Posted April 19th, 2014 by ironmike

Another of Deval Patrick’s many disposable children.
Exhibit A  Body of Jeremiah Oliver

Deval Patrick expects to run for president;  Martha Coakley is running for governor, and Jeremiah Oliver stopped running last September…. His body was found on Good Friday – wrapped in a blanket, stuffed into a suitcase, and discarded 40 feet off Interstate 190 in Sterling, Mass.

As we await the autopsy results,  the count of bruises and broken bones, Jeremiah has become Exhibit A in the murder case against his drug-addicted mother and her thug boyfriend. Read more »

It’s NOT About Easter Bunnies!

Posted April 18th, 2014 by ironmike

Roughly 1981 years ago today, – in the year 33 AD – a young man was condemned to death in the Roman-governed city of Jerusalem.  He was to be killed in the most humiliating manner possible, – severely whipped, paraded through town carrying his cross, – then crucified between two thieves. His crime was claiming to be the Son of God.
Not Easter Bunnies

His death was intended to be excruciating, humiliating, and prolonged. Victims tied – or nailed – to crosses might take between 2 – 5 days to die.
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MassGOP Rigging Ensures Coakley Victory

Posted April 17th, 2014 by ironmike

Nothing is so obvious as a rigged convention and a rigged vote!  Mark Fisher’s lawsuit will cause MassGOP officials to tell their dirty secrets – or lie under oath.
Coakley Wins
This circus paves smooth Martha Coakley’s road to the Corner Office, – because as bad as she is – voters expect their Democrats to be corruptRead the excerpt from Mark Fisher’s attorney letter to the MassGOP below the fold – - or read the entire letter. Read more »