Carlos Danger Cried In Court Today!

Posted September 25th, 2017 by Iron Mike

A once-rising star of the Subversive Party,  – then a candidate for Mayor of NYC,  – this twisted turd was married to a Muslim by Bill Clinton….

Anybody want to bet he’ll “commit suicide” before Nov 6th?

Robert L. Williams: TEXAS BURN NOTICE!

Posted September 25th, 2017 by Iron Mike

There will be a lot of these videos over the next few days.  The NFL has set loose a firestorm of anger from ardent fans – by failing to deal with the problem when it started.

The NFL has survived strikes, lockouts, and referee lockouts,  – and always rebounded because the fans were essentially loyal.  Today the fans are pissed,  – at best….
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WARNING: Take Your Guns To Church!

Posted September 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Emanuel Kidega Sampson came to the USA as a 4-year old boy.  Something inside of him rejected the peaceful values of his new country.  He walked into a church this morning and started shooting at people….

An armed usher stopped a bloodbath. Take your guns to Church!
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F**k These Spoiled Racist Millionaires!

Posted September 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

America has given these New England Patriot players NOTHING but opportunity.  Team owner Robert Kraft is an extraordinary gentleman with a boundless generous heart.

Now these mega-rich entertainers are giving back insolence and sheer disrespect. Read more »

Judge Jeanine On Football’s Assholes

Posted September 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It’s another football Sunday,  – so there’s bound to be more anti-American stupidity by multi-millionaires on the nation’s gridirons today.  The Judge has words for the stupid people!
I say that if NFL players want to take a knee,  – let them go do it at a VA hospital or at a national cemetery – like Arlington,  or at a battlefield like Gettysburg.

John McCain: Sick Bitter Dying Old Fool

Posted September 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

There is something disturbing and twisted about the man who TWICE purported to lead Republicans into the White House,  – but who now stands solidly in the way of Republicans cleaning up Obama’s mess.  Is he insane,…or has he sold out…?

Is his latest threat to vote against the Graham-Cassidy Bill an anti-Trump move – or just a general “Fuck you ALL!” gesture from a bitter dying old man?
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A Wonderful Evening In Leominster

Posted September 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

It doesn’t happen often enough,  but on rare occasions I find myself in a room surrounded by American Patriots.  Suddenly the inner me is at peace.

Last night was the annual dinner and auction of the Friends of the NRA,  – and there wasn’t a MoonBat in the room!  It’s really good to be in good company!
Too bad there was nobody there from the RiNO-infested MassGOP…

Suddenly Chicago Has An Obama Problem

Posted September 22nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

There is a slow awakening in the Black neighborhoods on Chicago’s South Side, – and it spells trouble for the Obama Presidential Library.  In the 13 years since those folks gleefully sent him to the US Senate,  – many have slowly come to realize how badly they wasted their vote.
Their “Black Messiah” delivered no miracles,  – no relief,  – no reparations,  – and no ‘free medical care’.  Now before their last open space – Jefferson Park – is bulldozed to make way for Obama’s phallic symbol,  – they want stuff!  And they’re organized. Read more »

Maxine Waters: Fixated On Impeaching Trump

Posted September 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

She’s 79,  – in Congress for these past 26 years,  and she’s had moments where her faculties are in question.  This lifelong socialist race-baiter has been fixated on impeaching Trump since January 20th.

Her brain is too filled with racism to separate Fake News from FACTS,  – and she fully believes the worst.  The problem is that fools still look to her as a ‘respected leader’. 
90-second rant caught on video: Read more »

First Equifax; – Now The SEC!

Posted September 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

If it happened under Obama’s watch,  why are we JUST hearing about it?  How DEEP is this SWAMP?