Our DOJ & FBI: Bunglegators!

Posted April 23rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

The list of crimes they’ve BLOWN – and COVERED UP,  – grows longer every day.

Meanwhile,  under both past and now current leadership,  – BOTH agencies seem to have been weaponized to protect the Clintons,  to protect Obama,  and to derail Trump’s presidency.  Today the tactic seems to be to stall,  – hoping for a big Democrat win in November,  – i.e. taking back the House and thus ending all investigations of Clinton wrongdoing.  Terrorism?  What terrorism?  Read more »

Arrogant Mitt Romney Forced Into Primary!

Posted April 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

They just held the Utah GOP Convention in Salt Lake and from early reports,  – parts of it were raucous.   Orin Hatch received an abbreviated farewell….

The big news is that arrogant 2012 Presidential Loser Willard Mitt Romney (Never-Trumper, remember?) failed to avoid a primary contest,  – in fact he came in SECOND!
Mitt,  will you please just concede and go retire – permanently!

Another Florida School Shooting….

Posted April 21st, 2018 by Iron Mike

.one with a much different and much better ending!

You readers will have to spread the word of what happened,  – because this story goes against the Media’s “assault weapons” narrative. Read more »

DNC Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

Posted April 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Utter desperation,  – likely an attempt to gin up dwindling contributions,  the DNC under Tom Perez just sued the Trump Campaign for “Russian Interference” – in the Manhattan Federal District Court.

Yeah,  they’re counting on a de Blasio voter packed jury!

“Showtrial” – Or Justice At Last?

Posted April 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Grab your clipboard and your popcorn Folks,  – this may prove to be the “Trial of the Century”!

DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has referred CRIMINAL CHARGES against Andrew McCabe (once the highest cop in the land) to the Federal Attorney General for DC, – Jessie K. Liu.   Suddenly the very arrogant McCabe has much bigger worries than just being fired. Read more »


Posted April 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Details about the dead shooter not yet released,  but two good guys just having lunch are dead,  – shot through the window of a Chinese restaurant in Trenton, Florida.

Maybe the killer was a hit man, – maybe a jealous spouse, – maybe just another psycho roaming the streets.  To Deputies Ramirez and Lindsey, – it no longer matters. Read more »

BLUNT Advice For Lying James Comey

Posted April 19th, 2018 by Iron Mike

SHUT UP!  Go home,  hire a criminal defense attorney,  – put your affairs in order,  – and pray the Clinton Cartel hasn’t already put a hit on you.

With every interview you give,  you’re losing allies,  burning friends (such as you have),  and providing evidence to a future prosecutor.  One thing is for sure – you’ll never be trusted by any side to serve in any government again.  In your quest to bring down Trump,  – you’ve toasted your own credibility and reputation. Read more »

Greg Abbott Trolls Chris Murphy

Posted April 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The contrasts in leadership and vision couldn’t be more stark;   New Jersey is governed by a 21st Century Progressive – Chris Murphy – whose priorities include the magic $15/hr minimum wage and illegal immigrants – despite his state ranking 50th economically….

So Texas Governor Greg Abbott – who is rabidly turning Texas into an economic powerhouse,  – just issued an invite to the tax slaves of NJ – to come to Texas for a better future. Read more »

Jacksonville’s Rude City Inspector

Posted April 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

How many times have you been treated rudely or dismissively by a snotty government employee?

It happened again in Jacksonville, Florida when City Inspector Melinda Power took on a local merchant – and their customers….  This time there was video,  – and she’s on leave. Read more »

RIP: First Lady Barbara Bush

Posted April 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike