Who Killed Officer Kevin Will?

Posted June 2nd, 2011 by Iron Mike

The easy answer is a drunken illegal immigrant from Honduras by way of Mexico – Johoan Rodriguez.

But I think the better answer is every elected federal official since 1980. They have all failed to defend us from the hordes migrating across our southern border.

The eight years of the Bush administration were a marked failure in stopping the flow of US bound illegals. Obama is even worse, – he is actively encouraging it.

At 26, Johoan Rodriguez is a poster child for why we need to secure our borders and purge our communities of the criminal aliens hiding – often in open sight.

After crashing through a police barricade – set up at an accident scene Sunday night – he plowed into Officer Kevin Will.

His blood alcohol level was .238 – three times the legal limit. He had 3 grams of cocaine in his pocket.

He is a known member of MS-13. He’d been DEPORTED TWICE – and denied entry once, but STILL had a Texas driver’s license. How the frick did he get that?!? Now Texas gets to house and feed this animal for 20 years.

Officer Will got the big police funeral today. He leaves behind a pregnant wife and two step kids. He is the 10th person in recent years killed in Houston by illegal aliens.

When does government start protecting citizens? When do our citizens begin demanding it?

   /s/ Iron Mike
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5 Responses to “Who Killed Officer Kevin Will?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The HPD is doing the right thing with its implementation of Secure Communities. The problem is that INS and Homeland Security are not doing their job in securing our borders. The infiltration of MS13 in all of our cities has been noticably absent from the press. Officer Will is one of many law enforcement personnel who have been killed by the illegals marauding the country unchecked. These are the very criminals that our chief law enforcement officer, Martha Coakley and the new DNC Chairperson, Debbie Wasserman Shultz have stated : “It is not illegal to be illegal” (both socialist Democrats). Really, ask the HPD and Mrs. Wills?

  2. Varvara

    May God grant Mrs. Will the strength to carry on.

    With a little luck the Rodriquez problem will be permanently solved in a prison argument and we will not have to feed him for 20 years.

  3. rb

    Yes, Dear God please give the widow of Officer Will the strength to carry on. In Jesus name.

    I have just been so disgusted about this, there are just no words to describe the horror, none at all.

  4. rb

    Lord I pray that there is no more bloodshed to those that serve this nation and protect its citizens. Now there is a widow and orphans left to bear this senseless death. This guy that committed the cold blooded murder is still alive and a good family man, peace officer is now gone. How disturbing. For those that choose to act as barbarians and not abide by the law may the stained blood of Officer Will be on your hands. I’m just done and outraged in disgust.


  5. JM

    Is there a difference between the ACLU, La Raza, and MS-13?

    They share an agenda of killing gringos.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Yes JM, there are differences.

    The ACLU is a VERY liberal group of ~ mostly ~ Jewish lawyers who will quickly take on almost any 1st Amendment issue. Strangely, they have even represented neo-Nazi and Islamist groups. They can be a real pain in the #ss – until your free speech is being trampled upon, and they come to help you.

    La Raza doesn’t want to kill anybody. They just want to reclaim the American Southwest for Mexico – or for a new nation of Aztlan [Aztec Land]. They are totally in-your-face militant. Several US Congress members are also members of La Raza.

    MS-13 – Mara Salvatrucha is a criminal gang – now nearly a criminal empire – which grew out of the civil war in El Salvador. They are as ruthless as al Quada, and probably more bloodthirsty.

    Thanks for clicking in to RRB.

    /s/ Iron Mike