“When Men Were Free”

Posted November 29th, 2013 by Iron Mike

ObamaCare deconstructed:  So even an ObamaBot might get it.

I had a Thanksgiving thought yesterday…

At our table we were thankful that Obummer hadn’t started that war with Syria back in October,  – because given his success at rolling out ObummerCare, We are So Thankful

    – the Syrians would have scuttled our fleet and shot down our entire air force by now,

   – and be occupying DC, [admittedly an improvement over present occupants].

2 Responses to ““When Men Were Free””

  1. Tom

    He still has a chance to screw up on the South China Sea protecting the uninhibited islands owned by the Japanese and coveted by the ChiComs. Caroline K. Made a strong “diplomatic” statement of reprisal. Can you remember Quemoy and Matsu?

  2. Casey Chapman

    I mourn for our country. Once free and unfettered. Now all of the small shops are shuttered and closed. The insiders in D.C., in their smoke filled dens of iniquity, are laughing today.