When Did Patrick F. Kennedy Sell His Soul?

Posted October 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The story is almost Shakespearean,  a 43-year career State Department officer is slowly corrupted by his exposure to corrupt people,  – until he becomes one of them.
If early on he ever took an OATH to our Constitution;  somewhere on his way to the 8th Floor,  – he forgot who he works for…

Kennedy is an old man now – 67, – and unless Hillary wins in 3 weeks, – his career is almost over.


He’s been an admin man – a paper-pusher,  – sort of like the guy behind the desk at a big hotel.

In more recent years he’s moved up…and became the “Fixer”,…the guy the SecState would ask to clean up messes….

in 2007 he ‘investigated’ the Nisour Square shooting by Blackwater Security

in 2008 he ordered all State Department people to avoid Obama’s spectacle at the Brandenburg Gate. That was a good thing, – but it shows that by 2008 he had high-level power.

After the Sept 2011 Benghazi Massacre, Kennedy was active in downplaying the importance of the Muslim propaganda victory.  He called the Benghazi compound a “US Special Mission” – to excuse the lack of required security measures and personnel – to let Hillary Clinton off the hook.

gutman-likes-them-youngBy 2013 – when our ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman was caught ditching his security detail to hire prostitutes – including child prostitutes – in Brussels, Kennedy was the guy who kept the media from having a feeding frenzy.

He killed the original Inspector General investigation into Gutman, – fearing others were involved.



Kennedy must have choked and swallowed hard when the email issue first broke,…BECAUSE as UnderSect for Administration – HE – would have had to look the other way back in 2009 when Hillary began using her off-site private server

That little ‘executive courtesy’ was coming back to bite Hillary – and bite him too!


BUT,…feeling full of himself – and his ability to ‘FIX THINGS’,…he tried to make some of the problems go away. He offered a BRIBE!

He knew some of the emails were going to prove more damaging – even more treasonous – to Hillary than others.  

Somehow he knew exactly which ones too…

So in 2015 he offered the FBI a BRIBE;  – if they would just LOWER the classification of those red-hot email, – he would open up slots in attractive overseas embassies for additional FBI agents.

Guess he should have talked directly to Comey;…the investigators he spoke to didn’t buy into his corruption.

After all, – tampering with evidence and bribery are BOTH felonies….

And now,…just in time for the Debate Wednesday night – the story is all over the internet, – even if the MEDIA is ignoring it.

Guess who Hillary, Kerry, and Obama are going to fling under the bus…?

Looking back Patrick, – what and when was the event that started you on your journey into Hillary Clinton’s Cesspool?

3 Responses to “When Did Patrick F. Kennedy Sell His Soul?”

  1. Panther 6

    This was a criminal act and should be prosecuted. But like the slime ball he was trying to protect I bet he escapes. The whole DC gang needs to be purged and Govt of the people, by the people and for the people re-established. The criminals are throughout the higher levels of the administration all protecting on another while the country slips lower and lower.

  2. Hawk1776

    “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap”. No sympathy from me.

  3. Mt Woman

    The clean up crew is as treasonous as those commuting the act itself. It is all putrid and I feel their stink in MA.