What’s The REAL Trayvon Martin Story?

Posted March 25th, 2012 by Iron Mike

And why hasn’t Obama
tried to calm things down?

ANSWER #1We DON’T KNOW!  It may take weeks of careful police work and crime scene reconstruction to find out.

ANSWER #2:  Obama has already proven that he only uses tragedies for selfpromotion, as when he handed out t-shirts after the shooting of 19 people including Rep. Gabriel Giffords in Tucson on 8 Jan 2011.

Meanwhile, Obama flies off to ‘look presidential’ peering into North Korea, while back here his minions in the inner cities and in the media fan the flames of 1960s vintage race warfare.

Why hasn’t Attorney General Eric Holder moved to stop the New Black Panthers from issuing their ‘Dead or Alive’ wanted poster?

Why would he?  He’s already taken heat for letting the NBPs off the hook on voter intimidation. Racial tension ~ just might ~ re-excite the black inner-city voter base come November.

They need a martyr – and ‘Trayvon looks like Obama’s son’?

This will keep Poverty Pimps Sharpton and Jackson busy this summer, – so they won’t be asking Obama ‘where are the JOBS for our Black youth?


At least one version of the events has Zimmerman on the ground being attacked by Martin. Credible? We don’t know yet.

News outlets are NOT the places to try cases.

But the silence of Obama and Holder speak volumes.

They WANT the UPROAR and the ANGER.

They’re not about to let a crisis go to waste. If race relations get set back a decade or two, – they don’t care. If more people are hurt or killed; – just collateral damage.

Liberals vote with their emotions. Obama needs lots of emotion to get re-elected.

Conservatives vote with their knowledge and their intellect.  Folks, – you better start reaching a lot of people – and quickly.

And remind voters of Obama’s history of SILENCE when it comes to easing racial tensions or injecting calm into tense arenas.

For a man who sometimes seems unable to shut up – his only remarks were to inject himself as ‘a victim’ – claiming that Trayvon ‘looks like his son’.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

6 Responses to “What’s The REAL Trayvon Martin Story?”

  1. Karen G

    Once again it’s “do as I say, not as I do” with Obama. One of his favorite admonitions for everyone else is “tone down the rhetoric”, yet he does the complete opposite! Never have has there been a more hypocritical and irresponsible president. He’s using hatred and fear as political instruments.

  2. Jim Buba

    One day, this Nation will live up to its creed, where all men are created equal… and every one of them gets an even-handed application of the law.

    Martin’s photos are a case in point, used by Al ‘Twana was attacked’ Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, (ir)Reverand Wright, Louis farakhan (small ‘f’ only please) and Barak Obama in solidarity to dissuade the public. The New Black Panthers are engaged in Hate Crimes without basis or standing.

    Distortion of Zimmerman’s photo, squishing it slightly to make it less attractive in every way. This is not new to media who have been re-educated as ‘pretend’ journalists to distort or ignore the truth, facts or evidence.


    This is a link to the original preliminatry police report. Save a copy before it disappears.

  3. destiny

    i think that zimmerman had no right to kill the poor boy the news says that he was just trying to get snacks for a game and go home to enjoy it thats shame on him rip to trayvon and i hope he is in a better place now.

  4. javion

    I think that is was not right for that man to kill the young boy he should not have follow him like they said rip trayvon martin

  5. javion

    I think the man was wrong for killing him he should have not follow him like they told him rip trayvon martin

  6. Karen G

    So, do you think it’s right that the New Black Panthers have placed a $10,000 bounty on Mr. Zimmerman’s life? The evidence is beginning to point to self defense, yet people are reacting prematurely and with more violence.

    The media continues to irresponsibly distort this case, much like they did with the Duke Lacrosse rape hoax, and the Tawana Brawley rape hoax to name just a few…

    Why isn’t more attention paid to the black on black violence that happens every day, and plagues every city, across the US? This is a much bigger, and certainly more real, problem. Be a part of the solution…