What Good Is A Delayed Whistle?

Posted May 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

In hockey, it gives the innocent team a chance to score.  But in politics – it just let the guilty team get re-elected!
Delayed Whistleblower

Suddenly we’re to be excited by a few ‘brave whistle-blowers‘ – who waited until NOW to come forward?  Where the HELL were they back in September and October – when they might have changed the outcome of the election?

Since early 2008 the American Media has had one singular story line; “The First Black President”NOTHING ELSE HAS MATTERED!

Then in 2012 it was the RE-ELECTION of the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT [thus making him the undisputed equal of ANY white president].


For 2016 – the story will be THE ELECTION of the FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT!

You got it; – NOTHING else will MATTER; – not even her life history of crime, dirty dealings, betrayals, and DEAD AMERICANS.


Benghazi–  That Obama and Hillary blew a black operation – and got four Americans killed?

–  That they turned back a military rescue attempt?

–  That they’d been smuggling arms to America’s enemy – al Qaeda?

–  That when Stevens discovered the arms smuggling deal he threatened to out it – and the ‘terrorist raid’ was Hillary’s way of eliminating a problem?



The Obama Cartel will use the Immigration / Amnesty Bill and Gun Control to drown out any and all news of anything the whistle blowers have to say.   Hillary will begin her speaking tour as soon as the dust has settled.

By early 2015 Steven Speilberg will team with Tom Hanks to produce a docudrama called Benghazi – staring Roseann Barr as Hillary.  It will be released – with great fanfare – in early 2016. 

She will be portrayed as the frustrated heroine – …if ONLY the damned MEN would get out of the way…”.

[What, you thought I couldn’t see into their arrogant elitist ugly hearts…?  That’s too easy!]

It won’t happen immediately – but google the term Arkancide – and understand that the Clintons don’t let anybody stand in their way.  Witnesses will die.

And your elected Congressional Representatives?  Only a tiny handful will stay on the trail, but Obama has something on Boehner – so they’ll slowly become marginalized.

The ONLY way this story gets any real ‘legs’ – is if two dozen patriots in the State Department develop the courage to come forward en masse – with hard copy proof – and force the MSM to do their job.


ChJCoSToday’s crop of 4-star political appointees are as craven and career-oriented as anything I’ve seen since the worst days of Vietnam.

Imagine trying to defend us from 21st Century threats while wearing a 19th Century uniformAsinine!

None have the courage of a McChrystal, a Schwarzkopf or a Tommy Franks. Petraeus ‘sacked’ himself, and Colin Powell turns out to be more racist politician than warrior.  The 3-stars are waiting for the next round of musical chairs….and they won’t say a word.


NewsThe grand plan is working exactly as Norman Thomas, Saul Alinsky, Cloward and Piven planned.  America is dying of decay and apathy, –  non-voters are watching Honey Boo-Boo, and the ‘voters’ are watching PBS and Jon Steward.

Churches of all denominations – fearful of losing their tax-free status – are being eerily quiet on Sunday mornings – nothing is being said in opposition – even as Catholics are openly attacked.  They’re all saying, “Well, we’re not Catholic, – it doesn’t effect us…”.

Young people ‘don’t believe’ in voting, and the older folks have grown so discouraged they tend to stay home on election day – which is how Obama got elected and re-elected.

Add 11 to 20 million Mexicans as ‘new Citizens’ by 2014, and by 2020 we will likely be ratifying a new US Socialist Constitution, – or seeing the first skirmishes of a Second Civil War. Or both!

4 Responses to “What Good Is A Delayed Whistle?”

  1. Tom

    When Syria begins launching missiles at Israel and war breaks out in the Middle East, Benghazi will fade into the background and Hillary will be well on her way to the Progressive, Socialist, Marxist heir apparent to Barack Hussien Obama in 2016, with or without the illegal immigrants.

  2. Kojack

    The consequences(or non-consequences) of the hearing on the 8th and its following develpoments will be the litmus test as to wether or not a civil war will be required to restore our republic.

  3. Casey Chapman

    They did not whistle blow before because they were blocked from doing so. The only reason they can now, is because the blocking has been exposed by people like Glenn Beck.

  4. jlflick

    So only FOX is covering the whistle-blower hearing. With all due respect and compassion to the victims of the atrocity in Cleveland, I can’t help but wonder how the WH and the msm and networks timed this?

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