Welcome Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch!

Posted April 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Democrat Party Leadership has succeeded in placing a quiet conservative constitutional justice on the Court;  – and every baby-killing gun-hating left-wing turd can thank Obama,  Dirty Harry Reid,  and ChuckieBoy Schumer!

Quick,…somebody check on Ginsburg – has she fallen asleep again?  Or is she finally dead?

THE VOTE:    54 Yea    45 Nay    1 not voting.

If Democrats are in a snit this morning – they can only blame the actions of Obama,  Harry Reid,  and lately ChuckieBoy Schumer.

The appointments of left-wing extremists Sotomayor and Kagan signaled to the American People that Democrats cannot be trusted to protect and uphold our Constitution.  They refuse to abide by it!

It seems killing babies at Planned Parenthood has replaced baseball as the Democrats national pastime.

We marvel at their logic:

In one breath they are advocating for killing over 1,000,000 babies a year,  and they hand out birth control to 8th graders – without notifying parents….

.and yet they bemoan their urgent need for cheap immigrant labor – even illegal immigrant labor…..?

Really,…is hiring an illegal Mexican that much more satisfying than raising a son or a daughter…?

Justice Gorsuch,…there is a lifetime of hard work awaiting you Sir!

10 Responses to “Welcome Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch!”

  1. integrity 1st

    The only thing I lament about him is that he praises his peers of integrity and honor when reality is, the system is so broken, and so many of them need to be removed. Acknowledging that there is no justice or adherence to civil rights, especially due process in the lower courts was important, and did not come from his lips. It is a fact and needs to be talked about by someone like him. If not him, then who 🙁

  2. Claire Bonnafe

    I tweeted Shmuck Schumer and Warren asking them if they thanked their old friend Harry for the neuclear option, the gift that keeps on giving. Having to resort to using the neuclear option to confirm a well qualified man to SC. only shows the voters who overwhelmingly voted for Trump, what partisan HACKS Senate Democrats really are.

  3. SpecialSnowflake

    Claire, the Senate Democrats are partisan hacks? I seem to recall another political party refusing even to hold hearings for a well-qualified candidate purely for, what’s the word, PARTISAN reasons over a year ago. Funny how the memory fades.


    Hey Snowflake – GO SUCK IT!

    By March 2016 the whole nation was fed up with everything Obama – his lies – his gay-pussy persona – his glib comments – his endless golf games – and his wife’s endless spending….even his two über-spoiled ‘kids’….

    Garland was spared the humiliation of being grilled by a committee and not being voted out. He would have NEVER been approved.

    Garland’s fate was SEALED after Obama nominated first Sotomayor, – then Kagan – who had NEVER BEEN A JUDGE – NEVER TRIED A CASE. Even Democrats were puking.


    Your “First Black pResident” B-L-E-W IT – BIG TIME!


    AND, FYI,…you’re FAST wearing out your welcome here.

  4. Kojack

    Hey FLAKE, Garland didn’t get a hearing because the GOP employed the “BIDEN RULE”; which as stated by our favorite VILLAGE IDIOT, is that an OUT-GOING administration should not get to pick/appoint.


    BTW – It was the much despised Dingy Harry Reid who 1st employed the so-called “nuclear option” in 2013.

  5. Catherine

    Congratulations to Justice Gorsuch and HOORAY! for us and for the country! Now all we need are a few more like him. The amazing Constitutional lawyer who writes under the pseudonym “Publius Huldah” (search for her) would be a FABULOUS second pick.

    Now we need to work on REMOVING frm the bench the left-wing extremists. The Constitution states that judges cannot be removed from office “during good behavior” and that has NOTHING to do with table manners and EVERYTHING to do with upholding the Constitution as they must swear to do! EVERY judge who believes the Constitution is a “living document” is by that very statement proven NOT to be on “good behavior” and must be removed by impeachment.

  6. Catherine

    Just noticed in the 2nd picture that kagan is looking worried that ruthie is going to topple out of her chair. Perhaps she (ruthie) needs a seat belt in future.

  7. SpecialSnowflake

    Forgive me if occasional, mild dissent isn’t welcome here in your echo chamber.

    Lies? Glib comments? Endless golf games? Wife’s endless spending? Uber-spoiled kids? <— And you think those criticisms apply more to Obama than to Trump?!

    And who cares if Kagan—Harvard Law's first female dean—was never a judge before serving on the Supreme Court? She's in good company: 40 of the other 113 justices had no prior experience as a judge, including Rehnquist, Earl Warren, Frankfurter, and Brandeis.


    Obama’s nomination of the liberal puke Garland to replace Scalia was a real slap at America,…and he knew it.

    Most Republicans believe that Justice Scalia died under very mysterious circumstances, – not unlike such people as Andrew Breitbart, Seth Rich, Joan Rivers, Mayor Tim Davlin, Loretta Fuddy, Philip Pagano, Choir Director Donald Young, and Obama’s grandmother.

    Spending? The Trumps can AFFORD their spending from their EARNINGS, the Obama’s were entertaining themselves like Third World royalty – on OUR money.

    Kagan was an AA/EEO token her whole life – NEVER tried a case, was NEVER a judge. She got her final AA/EEO HALL PASS, and Republicans said “Never again”.

    Dissent is welcome – snide attacks on patriots is not.

    You’ve already admitted to having never lifted a finger or carried a rifle in the cause of Freedom, – so you can expect to be treated for what you are – an unworthy liberal turd looking for a government check that you haven’t earned.

    This is a blog – not a discussion board. If you feel impelled to show off your liberal credentials – start your own.

  8. SpecialSnowflake

    Two quick things, Mike, and then I’ll happily leave your comment section just to those who agree with you again:

    • You wrote, “You’ve already admitted to having never lifted a finger or carried a rifle in the cause of Freedom, – so you can expect to be treated for what you are – an unworthy liberal turd looking for a government check that you haven’t earned.” If this were true, why don’t you treat Deferment Donald the same way, since he got out of service by claiming bone spurs in his heels, which have magically healed since?
    • You wrote, “The Trumps can AFFORD their spending from their EARNINGS, the Obama’s were entertaining themselves like Third World royalty – on OUR money.” Every Trump trip to gaudy Mar-a-Lago costs US taxpayers $3 million. Every day that Melania and their son live in New York, it costs US taxpayers $1 million. At current rates, just that would cost our nation $1 billion over four years. Does that really not strike you as far more wasteful than anything the Obamas did?

  9. Kojack

    FLAKE – Your reference to non-military service also applies to your decrepit, anti-colonial, islamic, marxist hero Obysmal and your other despicable, rapist, draft-dodgeing, hero Bill Clinton who BTW enabled the NORK’s to acquire nuclear technology “as long as they promised not to use it for weaponry”. How did that work out?!?!? He also allowed the sale(the State Dept. initially blocked it) of ICBM technology from Loral and Hughes Corps. to the CHI-COMS in exchange for campaign contributions. IN ANY CASE THAT DID NOT STOP YOU FROM SUPPORTING THEM.

    You champion, Obysmal, who accumulated more debt($20T+) than all previous admins combined and now your concerned about administrative fiscal malfeasance?!?!?

    The costs you mention regarding the Trump’s are security related and are MANDATED AND ESSENTIAL FOR THEIR SAFETY.
    Costs incurred by the Obysmal’s were VOLUNTARY, UNNECESSARY, LAVISH AND EXCESSIVE such as when Marxist Moochelle took their 2 spoiled daughters on extended “fact-finding” trips to exotic locations in Europe, Asia and Africa for example.

    By contrast, MELANIA STAYED IN NY SO THAT THEIR SON BARON CAN FINISH OUT THE SCHOOL YEAR W/O BEING DISRUPTED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEMESTER!!!. When the school year is finished she and Baron will join Trump in the White House so your 4 year tally of the cost is an out-right lie.

    Also, as is typical of your ilk, you have conveniently failed to mention the Trump’s are NOT TAKING A SALARY!


    Regarding the unqualified lesbian, Elena Kegan, like the unqualified amoral political hacks in his cabinet, she HAD NO EXPERIENCE in the role for which she was being appointed!!! Academic achievements/awards are worth next to nothing in the real world.

    Finally referencing your previous comment to Catherine regarding partisan politics, there is no greater example of partisanship to date than the DEMOCRAP’S boycotting of PRESIDENT TRUMPS’ INAUGURATION or CALLS FOR HIS IMPEACHMENT BY THE SAME!!!

    Don’t be a stranger, FLAKE. Every time you comment you reveal your double-standards, selective memory/outrage, hypocrisy, omission of facts not favorable to your argument, irrelevant comparisons and your inability to think critically or objectively.

  10. Kojack


    1.)In my comment above I meant Clair not Catherine.

    2.)DEMOCRAPS called for impeachment BEFORE Trump even took office.