Was The Alabama Election Stolen?

Posted December 15th, 2017 by Iron Mike

While this clip may be just a tiny piece of evidence, – it sure seems that once again the Democrat Machine was doing their usual dirty tricks.
Don’t be surprised – it’s the only way Democrats can win elections.

Remember Americans,  this younger generation has been raised without a moral compass or ethical standards,  – and without any grounding in religion.

4 Responses to “Was The Alabama Election Stolen?”

  1. MC

    While we carry the majority in Congress etc – Why aren’t all of the republicans pushing for photo id’s to vote since we even need a id to use a debit card or cash a check.

  2. Sonny's Mom

    We need to embed people in Dem campaigns to document abuses involving money, illegal voting and illegal voter registration.

  3. Joe Ureneck

    Certainly appears that way when it is reported that 92% of the Democrats who voted in 2016 showed up at the polls while only 50% of the Republicans did. Even accounting for those who will follow the lead of Shelby and company it is very, very fishy.

  4. Lonnie Brennan

    Until there is voter ID, there will be massive fraud.
    With voter ID, the fraud won’t be quite so big.

    Notice: you never hear about Republican voter fraud, just Democrat Voter fraud. Why? Because Democrats – by and large – have few morals when it comes to stealing elections.