USS Zumwalt: The Navy’s ObamaCare Ship

Posted November 25th, 2016 by Iron Mike

$4,400,000,000 ($4.4 BILLION) DEAD in the WATER! zumwalt-powerless-in-panama
At RRB we were mocking Russia’s Belching Pig – the pathetic aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov Putin sent to strike targets in Syria.
It broke down and had to be towed into port.
The SAME DAMN THING just happened to our newest Destroyer.

The Zumwalt is supposed to be the most modern warship in the world,  – fast, stealthy, and multi-mission capable, – i.e. fleet protection, anti-submarine, and land attack;  – all while being very hard to detect by radar….


She was supposed to cost around $3 Billion…..

Actual cost is closer to $4.4 Billion…..

And she just suffered a catastrophic malfunction while going through the Panama Canal – water (we’re told) was gushing in through the bearings and seals of the propulsion system, flooding the nifty new electric drives….

She had to be towed into port – to a former US Navy base in Panama. Repairs could take 10 weeks….

OK,  I’m an old soldier,  – not a squid,….BUT….

What the HELL was the Navy thinking to send a brand-new untested ship as far as Panama on her maiden voyage?


In the ‘modern Navy’ – Naval Sea Systems Command is the new name for the reliable old Bureau of Ships. The current commander is Vice Admiral Thomas Moore, a 1981 Academy grad with service on cruisers, a destroyer, carriers, and shipyards.


Admiral Moore,  Zumwalt was NOT fully tested – should never have departed US coastal waters.  She is a brand NEW design with a BRAND NEW propulsion system,  – and you turned her over to the fleet before she had 10,000 nautical miles under her keel?

Folks,  this is the SAME AA/EEO OBAMA NAVY which promoted a Black female officer – who only commanded a sea-going ferry boat for 18 months,…

 – to 4-star Admiral and Vice Chief of Naval Operations

– the 2nd highest ranking sailor in the Navy….


For Moore and others like him,  the only path to glory is building ships faster, cheaper, and delivering them to the fleet sooner.  

Zumwalt’s design and build quality was NOT FULLY TESTED before this high-profile show-off voyage.

We have to wonder how many in the Navy’s upper chain-of-command were overly anxious to impress the outgoing lame duck in the Oval Office….

AND,…we cannot help but wonder if 8 years of sucking up to Obama – and his “I’m so much smarter than George Bush…” has created a culture of careerism and showboating in our Navy’s upper ranks….

Zumwalt should have spent months in arduous high speed runs up and down our East Coast – never too far from qualified help and a capable drydock.

Now she’s stuck ignominiously in Panama – with all her new-fangled secrets vulnerable to spying eyes….

Her motto “Pax Propter Vim” means Peace through Power.

Today Zumwalt is powerless.

NOW JUST IMAGINE….if this leak has sprung while Zumwalt was a hundred miles out at sea….and she was dead in the water….

We should note that while classified as a ‘destroyer’,  Zumwalt is as big as a WWII battleship – 600 feet long, – manned by just 130 sailors, – because so many systems are automated…. Now those sailors have to assist in repairs while guarding the ship.

At best,  dockside repairs in Panama can only be good enough to let Zumwalt return to the State – likely to Pascagoula, Mississippi,  – the nearest quality shipyard for some serious repair work – and likely some re-engineering.

If she cannot be fixed dockside,  the next step is to call in the MV Blue Marlin….which may not be long enough….



During both WWI and WWII,  American shipyards along our East and Gulf Coasts built ships at a fantastic pace. 


We had to,  German submarines were sinking them ~ almost ~ as fast as we built them.  They were designed to be expendable one-way ships,  but many made dozens of voyages….


Yes America,  once upon a time we knew how to build ships.

In some 55 days America’s worst president will enter early retirement.   With the defeat of Hillary Clinton any hope he had of being named to the Supreme Court is scuttled.   BUT, – he still thinks that either a nuclear missile submarine or an aircraft carrier will be named for him.

And someday in the 2020s or 2030s – some treasonous left-wing libturd president just might try it.

I might be dead by then,  – it will be up to you younger Patriots to prevent it.

Right now I’m hoping that Trump will order the decommissioning and renaming of LPD-26.

UPDATE:   Thursday,  29 Dec 2016    Zumwalt reaches San Diego – Still Can’t Shoot!

After emergency repairs in Panama – (using parts from sister destroyer under construction in Bath Maine),  Zumwalt was able to proceed to new home port of San Diego.

But she is still essentially an unarmed ship….her new guns were designed to fire a super-high-tech round – the LRLAP…but the cost rose to $800,000 per shell.

Now the Navy is trying to reconfigure Zumwalt’s batteries to fire the Army’s M982 155mm Excalibur round – already combat tested in Afghanistan.   These rounds cost ‘a mere $70,000 each’….

You do the math….we’ve built and deployed a ship for $4.4 BILLIONwhich cannot shoot…..

Anybody think Obama gave a shit?

Think he was ever briefed?

5 Responses to “USS Zumwalt: The Navy’s ObamaCare Ship”

  1. Hawk1776

    Unfortunately it’s even worse than that. The Zumwalt was intended to use the Advanced Gun System, which can fire a projectile sixty miles. Unfortunately each round cost $800,000. The Navy concluded (eventually) that was far too expensive (no kidding) and cancelled the ammunition contract. So now we have a super sexy destroyer that can’t move anywhere under its own power, and if it ever gets to where it ought to be has no ammunition to fire from its fancy gun system.

    I suppose next we should discuss the problems encountered by the USS Ford, our latest, docked, aircraft carrier that can’t launch aircraft. 🙁

  2. Raymond Smithson

    Never have I had a president as bad as this one, in my eyes a true commie. mommy must have thrown him in the chicken coup real early, he has got his chicken strut down pat..this is my country again ,, give em hell DONALD J TRUMP

  3. FLICK

    Such sad irony. Admiral Zumwalt made my Navy years so bearable, easing chicken-shit regulations and increasing mutual respect for us Sailors under his command.

    For this POS-in-chief to taint his legacy with the Navy of today is hard to accept.

    I hope President Trump restores us to the once superior force we were prior to the last 8 years of apologies.

    ETR3 Flick; USNR Veteran.

  4. Jim e

    Admiral Z was CNO during my active duty time. He had many innovations. He’d probably be embarrassed that the current regime tried to heighten public opinion of themselves by using his name as a shield. That the Navy deployed this ship, unproven in open seas, without protection demonstrates how little regard Obama has for our service men and women.

    The only worse scenario would have been its capture as a vessel in distress. A vessel that would not defend itself due to the high cost of ammo.

    It’s pathetic that the Navy, once a proud fighting force, is forced to such low levels of support by the regime.

    Jim Ettwein
    RD3, USNR… from a long time ago.

  5. Sherox

    Bill the DNC for this fiasco.