Useful Idiots Get Gassed In Phoenix

Posted August 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Another skirmish in the Soros-funded anti-Trump campaign to turn our Nation into 1968-era chaos….

They are cannon fodder and they came to disrupt – to be filmed being disruptive.  And when the police said “Disburse!” – they stood in place.  Dumb move.  Photos & short clip below:

The Soldiers of Soros in Phoenix came looking for the same kind of trouble as had their fellows in Charlottesville and Boston.  Different towns, – different police forces,  – and this time Trump was holding a rally,….i.e. a LOT more tension.

T’was another sad day for America.   Some came to make a “statement” about being anti-Nazi,  – but in fact acted JUST LIKE Hitler’s Brownshirts 90 years ago,  – threatening, intimidating, and ready to beat up anybody they disagreed with.

The saddest part is that most of these 21st Century millennial thugs don’t know enough History to even understand how George Soros is using them as expendable cannon fodder.  

Soros can thank 40+ years of Union School Teachers for his army of useful idiots!

And now getting gassed by police will become the new Badge of Honor among millennials. Everyone will want to tell their own ‘war story’ of how they went to protest Trump and the Nazis – and the police gassed them.

Maybe our police forces could get some of that ‘skunk juice’ the Israelis use on Arab mobs….?

God,  I just love the shriek of freshly gassed anti-FA millennial know-it-alls piercing the desert night air!

And, if you think these protesters are all ‘genuine Trump-haters’guess again.

At least SOME of them were PAID ACTORS,  – i.e. note the Rent-A-Mob add below.

At RRB,  we can ONLY HOPE this dickwad was one of the PAID actors!   Clip was too good not to share!   Marksmanship badge for the cop?


OK SmartAss – get ready to tell your anti-Trump story to the Judge! And,…to your employer…

6 Responses to “Useful Idiots Get Gassed In Phoenix”

  1. Vic

    When the source of cash driving this is dried up, this madness will stop.

  2. Jim Gettens

    Judicial Watch has performed a HUGE public service by exposing earlier this week the SECRET April 2017 meeting between Phoenix, AZ’s new police chief and ACLU representatives that resulted in Phoenix’s conversion to a ‘Sanctuary City.’


    Last night the Phoenix police did their job. Apparently one public embarrassment for the Phoenix police chief this week was enough.

  3. Sherox

    Vic, what has to happen is the blocking of the cash for these things.

  4. Jim Gettens

    Love the pepper ball shot! As some would say, that Cop-marksman was “dead-nuts-on”!!!

  5. Catherine

    Wow; $50/hour for the fake protestors? That’s sure a better wage than what “you want a hazelnut shot in that latte?” pays. Different kind of shot received, though… GOOD aiming for that cop!

    Maybe a couple of police forces who take their job seriously and there will be fewer patsies/idiots who take the bait. Making fascist statements in the name of “anti” fascism is one thing, but getting hit with a pepper ball will make you cry *and* leave a nasty ouchy bruise! Snowflakes don’t like that.

  6. Lonnie Brennan

    What shitheel shows up at a rally with a gas mask, kicks a smoke cylinder (or teargas cylinder) and doesn’t expect to have his balls smashed?

    Foolish kid. Priceless video.