US Ambassador To Korea Attacked

Posted March 4th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Ambassador Lippert attacked wed 4 mar
Assailant armed with a razor shouted anti-war slogans.

Lippert's attacker

The attacker – Kim Ki-jong – a 55 year old South Korean shouted that North and South Korea should be reunited…



And now Wendy Sherman and her know-it-all big mouth;

…4th highest ranking State Department official – Under-Secretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman – formerly chief nuclear negotiator with Iran under Hillary Clinton / former director of Emily’s List [pro-abortion lobbying and funding group] has begun to lecture the South Koreans:

Nationalist feelings can still be exploited,  and it’s not hard for a political leader anywhere to earn cheap applause by vilifying a former enemy.  

To what extent does the past limit future possibilities for cooperation?

The conventional answer to that question, sadly, is a lot.”

Gee, – – – do you suppose the South Koreans remember the Japanese occupation – where tens of thousands of their prettiest young women were taken as ‘comfort women’ [read SEX SLAVES] by the Japanese Army?

Do you suppose the South Koreans remember being invaded by the Soviet-backed NorKs in 1950, – and the constant state of war that has existed every day since then…?

Nice going Wendy. A real diplomat and stateswoman you are…

Wendy Sherman

Ask yourselves Folks, – why John Ketchup Kerry kept all these Clinton Klingons on the State Department payroll – two and a half years after Benghazi…?

Was that a condition of him being offered the job instead of Susan Rice?

Is Kerry a ‘kept man’ yet again?

UPDATE:   Friday, 11 Sep 2015   Lippert’s attacker Kim Ki-jong gets 12 year sentence.

Kim Ki-jong

UPDATE:   Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016   Court upholds 12 year sentence


2 Responses to “US Ambassador To Korea Attacked”

  1. Walter Knight

    Yes, peace activists can be a violent lot.

  2. Casey Chapman

    And people who worship at the feet of the Great God Diversity are the least tolerant people in the world.

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