Two Republicans To Test Maura Healey

Posted August 29th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Our much-battered and oft-maligned 2nd Amendment will be tested in the voting booth next year.  Two Pro-2A Republicans have lined up to oppose Gun-Grabber Healey.

So she’ll have to decide if she wants to run for Governor against her buddy Charlie Baker,  – or stick to her gun-grabbing agenda and try to be re-elected.

James “Jay” McMahon III has been in the race for a few months,….and has just been joined for a Primary Challenge by Daniel L. Shores.

EITHER one will be a 1,000% improvement over the brain-damaged anti-gun lesbian shrew who has managed – by “Royal Decree” – to shut down gun sales across our state.

That America’s freedom from the oppression of the English King and his Parliament – was secured by the firepower of Colonial Americans – most armed with better guns than the British and Hessian troops sent to suppress them,  – is a fact that modern Democrats choose to ignore.

They say stupid things like “Just dial 9-1-1”,…and “Nobody needs a 30-round magazine to kill a deer!”

Then in their next breaths they’re (1). bemoaning “the opioid crisis”,  – (2).  extolling the medicinal benefits of marijuana,  – and (3). castigating the idea of a border wall to keep illegal Mexicans out.

So when Democrats tell me I don’t need 30 rounds to kill a deer,….I usually lean into them,  lower my voice, and tell them that unicorns are much harder to kill, – that they have thicker skull plates, – and that I often need all 30 rounds to put them down.

Because I can sound awfully serious when I say it,  many have no clue if I’m pulling their leg – or if I’m just a little crazy….  I like to keep ’em guessing!

Daniel L. Shores

James R. McMahon, III

Democrats usually ignore our Constitution – except when it suits them to misconstrue it – as when they fling words around like “General Welfare”, and lately “Emoluments”.

Want to drive a Dem crazy? Ask them to define the English word: “Shall”….

3 Responses to “Two Republicans To Test Maura Healey”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    Charlie Baker, are you just keeping a seat warm for Maura Healey? Just sayin’.

  2. Kojack

    Healey has the 5 things going for her that are the most important to the MASSHOLES:

    1. she’s a woman(more or less)
    2. she’s a lesbian
    3. she’s a democrap
    4. she’s corrupt
    5. she’s un-qualified.

    With those “qualities” she’ll be tough to beat here in MASSHOLE-A-CHUSSETTS

  3. Hawk1776

    Where will she do the least harm? As AG or Governor?


    In prison!