Trump Pulls The Media’s Tail – AGAIN!

Posted September 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Trump invited the media to his hotel in Washington DC, – where they ~ believed ~ he would make a major speech on Obama’s citizenship….so they broadcast the event live.
Instead,  before making his VERY brief statement,  – a collection of combat veterans, Medal of Honor recipients, Generals and Admirals all endorsed Trump….

…yes – if you listen to the end,  you can hear the outraged media goons yelling at Trump,  – looking for him to say something…ANYTHING controversial that they could use to stir the pot.

Trump may not be the slickest-talking man to ever run for office, – but he seems to know how to play and use the dishonest media to his advantage.

Was it bait-and-switch?  Sure!

But how come this SAME MEDIA never bothered to investigate and vet Obama, – or any of Hillary’s outrageous lies?

When have you seen a journalistic exposé on Hillary?

OK,  here is the explanation of the event for slow readers:

Since 2008, there has been ongoing doubts about who Obama’s father is, where he was born, – and thus if he is really a US Citizen eligible to be President….

If not – it would result in a horrific Constitutional Crisis.

Hillary Clinton STARTED that controversy – sometimes known as the ‘Birther Controversy’ to derail Obama’s campaign in 2008.  Democrats who support Obama called anybody who questioned his birth status “RACIST”.

The thing got additional fuel when Obama released a photo-shopped birth certificate.

It was a very clumsy – amateurish – photo-shop…

It got worse when Loretta Fuddy was the only person to drown after a plane crashed off the shore in Hawaii.

RIP Loretta Fuddy

TODAY, Trump essentially blew the whole issue away,  – by saying Obama was born here,  – so now the media cannot accuse him of furthering the ‘Birther agenda’.

AND,  he let them believe something they wanted to,  that he WOULD say something racist – so they covered his whole event LIVE!


2 Responses to “Trump Pulls The Media’s Tail – AGAIN!”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Mike, the busy voters are lucky you can follow this political stuff and interpret what is really going on.
    BAITING AND SWITCHING THE MEDIA is EXACTLY what they deserve for their continual biased Trump bashing and protection of crooked Hillary.
    May the liberal lame-stream media rot hell for how they have brainwashed low information voters.
    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. Marc

    I’m still not convinced that the product of affirmative action infesting the White House was born in the United States. For one thing, its been reported that the original author’s biography that went along with his alleged book “Dreams of My [No Good] Father” indicated that he was born in Kenya. I’m a published author myself and authors provide the biographical information that’s used to sell their books. Would ghost writer Bill Ayers have provided that information? Also, it took over two years for Obama’s minions to produce the alleged birth certificate. Who needs two years to come up with a birth certificate?

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