Trump Picks Judge Neil Gorsuch; Left Erupts

Posted January 31st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Day Twelve:  Another Key Promise KEPT!

Democrats were spring-loaded – went into instant melt-down!
13 minute video below the fold:

Listen to Trump recite Judge Gorsuch’s résumé….then listen to a truly humble man touch on the key issues a judge should consider.

The pace at which Trump is keeping his promises is going to set an entirely new standard for politicians nationwide….

and it’s about time somebody came along and did it!

Can’t wait to see what stupid things the Squaw and Markey spout…

4 Responses to “Trump Picks Judge Neil Gorsuch; Left Erupts”

  1. Michael W Dane

    It is so awesome to finally have adults in charge. This appointment is what I considered, the most important reason to elect DJT.

  2. Sherox

    Trump is like Republicans in Massachusetts, he must fight the Democrats and his own party, the Republicans. They are getting ready to fight back.

  3. Hawk1776

    The Democrats would have thrown a hissy fit regardless of who was nominated. Gorsuch looks like a solid choice. Let’s hope the Republicans have the political acumen to get him confirmed.

  4. Catherine

    Excellent; thanks for posting this, Iron Mike.

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