To The Shores Of Tripoli – Again

Posted March 2nd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Finally!  Obama is ordering a puny Navy 2-ship task amphibious task force to the shores of Tripoli.  I’ve been asking for two weeks – what the hell is taking him so long?  Don’t you just hate it when your pResident is proven inept and clueless?

Two US Navy amphibious ships Kearsarge and Ponce are departing the Indian Ocean, traveling through the Suez Canal today, and with luck will arrive off the Libyan coast by noon Thursday.

USS Kearsarge normally carries a Marine Expeditionary Unit – 800 to 2000 grunts who can go ashore by helicopter or landing craft.  Kearsarge has a small compliment of Marine Cobras to supply close air support if needed.

What might such a force do?

–  rescue westerners trying to get away from the fighting

–  deliver arms and ammo to Libyan civilians trying to topple Gaddafi

–  conduct raids to destroy Libyan air force jets and army tanks being used to bomb and attack civilians.

–  conduct a snatch mission to capture Gaddafi – if he could be located in the clutter.

–  deliver food to cut off Libyans, and conduct medical evacuation of the worst case wounded.

–  show the North African Arab community that the US actually does give a damn.

I can remember when Gaddafi seized power in ’69, and when the following year he sided with the Russians and kicked us out of one of the finest air bases in the world.  Today it’s called Mitiga Intl Airport, but I remember it as America’s premier Cold War outpost – Wheelus AFB.  I’m hoping when the dust clears we get to use it again.  It features a nifty 2-mile runway.  Once well East of Tripoli, today the city has grown up around it. 

[Footnote: we bombed the place – then known as Libya’s Okba Nen Nafi Air Base on the night of 16 April 86 – when Ronald Reagan had had enough of Gaddafi’s terrorism, including the bombing of a disco in Berlin.]

Today Mitiga offers the school solution for an over-the-beach Marine assault

It could not be more perfect – located within sight of the open sea, and with a great highway network east-west to all key points.  On board Kearsarge, there are Marine officers looking at these same pictures and planning contingencies.  

This is exactly the kind of situation which makes me wish we still had a couple of the Iowa-class battleships in commission.

Now we wait for events on shore, and to see of oBummer can get it right [for once], or whether he’ll make a botch of this in full view of the watching world.  This is his Grenada Moment.

Remember most Libyans in the streets – on both sides – are of an age where they’ve grown up hearing nothing good about America – ever.

The Gaddafi loyalists are in many ways exactly like the teacher’s union protesters in Madison, Wisconsin.  They are the insiders, and their cozy way of life is now threatened.  

Even the MEU [Marine Expeditionary Unit] aboard Kearsarge can’t camouflage the inept actions or our Narcissist-in-Chief.

God help us - and the whole World!

As more and more Islamic countries – and even Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea erupt this spring and summer,  I think you’ll see the Obama / Biden / Clinton team of international geniuses caught flat-footed and stammering time and again.

BTW, has anybody thought to thank GW Bush for scaring the pants off Gaddafi and getting him to give up his WMD after he saw us take down Saddam.  Do you think Gaddafi would be gassing his own people right now if he had the stuff?  Just a thought . . .

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “To The Shores Of Tripoli – Again”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    There is an excellent article in todays WSJ about the rapid decline of US Naval power and the rapid rise of ChiCom naval power (being financed by US taxpayers). Where are those big batteships with the sixteen inch guns when we really need them? They have either been scrapped or used as a tourist destination in the state for which they were named.

  2. Jim

    A bankrupt tourist destination at that…