These Fools Will Trigger A War

Posted January 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Iran’s fanatical Twelvers led by Hassan Rouhani want to obliterate Israel. So does the Obama Administration.
 Rouhani and Obama BOTH want war
The Twelvers believe that starting a nuclear war in the Middle East will bring on Armageddon – the ‘End of Days’ – when the Twelfth Imam [the ‘Hidden Imam’] will reveal himself,  smite their enemies,  set before them a great feast,  – and lead them to the Promised Land where they will meet Mohammed and Allah himself.

For the Obama Cartel, – it’s just politics and power, – and the world beyond 2016.

Democrats in general have long abandoned any pretense of supporting Israel. It started with Jimmy Carter – who today is openly pro-Palestinian. 

They can barely muster the strength to fake it these days – paying faint lip service at best, while arming hostile Arab nations to the teeth.

It became so blatant two years ago that Obama was giving F-16 fighter jets to Morsi and his Muslim brotherhood in Egypt – and smuggling Libyan arms to al Qaeda groups in Syria.

Benghazi and the overthrow of Morsi were mere hiccups – just ‘bumps in his road’.

OK, this is ~ just ~ my personal theory,…but…

Given Obama’s open disdain for our Constitution, – I believe he will set the stage for a GREAT CRISIS” come late 2016.  

President EmeritusHe doesn’t want to stop being President.  If anything he wants world power – like running the UN as the ultimate authority for punishing those 18th and 19th Century Colonial Powers.

What more compelling crisis than on ongoing nuclear war across the Middle East, with oil supplies cut off, – and the skies darkened with clouds of radioactive dust….?

So he’s letting the Iranians build their bombs.  They can’t run those centrifuges fast enough for him.  He’s probably encouraging the Russians or the Chinese to sell them some advanced Generation Five fighter-bombers.  2½ years should be enough time to train their pilots.

October 2016 should be just about right – maybe the third week…

If the pending contest between Hillary v Ted Cruz is ‘put on hold’,…so be it.  He hates them both anyway.

And with 2½ more years to wear down the resistance and the will of the American People, – starting with the Health Care crisis that he set in motion,…who will rise up and demand that the elections be held?

All he’s have to do then is promise a BIG Government Check, and at least 40% of Americans would shrug, – and wait patiently by the mailbox.

5 Responses to “These Fools Will Trigger A War”

  1. Hawk1776

    The two presidents you cite, Obama and Carter, rank one and two for the worst presidents of my lifetime. I’m beginning to wonder weather Obama really has an agenda or if instead he is just totally incompetent. Kerry, unfortunately, is a babbling idiot.

  2. KarenG

    Let’s not kid ourselves…Definitely a well-aided and abetted agenda…

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  4. Casey Chapman

    He has an agenda alright. He’s already suggesting rather strongly, that all public schools recognize Muslim holidays. Teachers aren’t allowed to mention Christ, but the Dear Leader wants Muslim holidays recognized. This should tell you all you need to know. He’s a commie and a Muslim brotherhood sympathizer(at least).

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    As Senator Ted Cruz said, “We have never had a president who over and over again openly, aggressively defies the law. If he doesn’t like the law, he refuses to enforce it or he simply proclaims it changed”
    We are headed in the wrong direction, run by the wrong people and have the wrong values. We can’t survive this way.