There Really Are Two Americas: Free & Slave

Posted December 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Four news stories this morning make it clear we are a nation badly divided.  It will take more than the genius of Donald Trump to fix it.
Every action taken by individuals and by groups has consequences,  – some immediate,  – and some on future generations….   Stupid people don’t understand that – and often cannot envision a future anyway….   And,…we have a LOT of stupid people!

Over 62 million stupid people voted for a career liar and proven crook.  They didn’t care,  – they’d been conditioned to believe that everybody in the class gets a turn to lead the lunch line,…and 2016 was Hillary’s turn….a woman’s turn.

Any thoughts – any suggestions,  – that our president should be a person of character,  ethics,  and actual leadership accomplishments had long vanished – with the election in 1992 of Bill Clinton,  – and again in 2008 with Obama.

It would be near impossible to have found emptier résumés….


Yesterday 200 Boston high school kids cut class to protest Trump. I can absolutely guarantee you that none of them can pass a simple civics test – or trace the lineage of the Democrat and Republican parties…..

But raised in welfare homes or public sector union homes, – and egged on by union school teachers,….they think the only way to get their way is to march and protest.

Where were they for all of the 2016 Election Year?  Who was their candidate,  – and WHAT did they do to help him / her win?

Now these kids are having an evil lesson reinforced by their parents, the media, and their teachers;…that somehow they are now ‘victims’ of the Election Process and Donald Trump.

Modern Democrats and Communists need various groups to instinctively feel ‘victimized’.


Today truly evil people are conditioning kids to automatically look to government to solve their personal problems,…and to guarantee them a comfortable stress-free life.  Thus they voted to make marijuana legal,…anything to keep the voters distracted and placated…and unquestioning….

In Massachusetts it’s working just fine.  Except for California and the greater NYC area,  – you cannot find a greater concentration of historically ignorant stupid voters than Massachusetts.  Here most voters think a ballot is a name-recognition test.


Yesterday Sheena Greitens – wife of Missouri governor-elect Eric Greitens (ex-Navy SEAL) was robbed at gunpoint sitting in her car after dinner at a local café. sheena-greitens-robbed-at-gunpoint-sitting-in-her-car

Police tracked her stolen cell phone to the 4200 block of Shreve Avenuea mostly Black neighborhood, – where three youths ages 19, 15, and 14 were arrested.  A stolen car and other loot was recovered;  – the three had been on a crime spree.


Why – after 8 years of Obama in office,   did these three think crime was their best – or only – choice?

Wasn’t Obama just in St. Louis speaking to a stadium full of Black youth – with his message of Hope and Change?  What went wrong?

Oh,  Obama never came…?   He never spoke to them?   Oops!

In how many cities – do inner-city Black kids have minimal parental guidance,  – and nothing to do as they go through their teen years…?

Those 8 young men filmed by the Google car,….how many will end up dead,…and how many in prison?

What happened to jobs in St. Louis?


There was a Christmas Parade in Sanford, NC Monday night. Joy to the World!

deion-jamille-johnsBut 20-year old Deion Jamille Johns wasn’t in the mood.  As the parade passed in front of the Rite-Stop neighborhood grocery,  Deion began shooting at Sean Dimitrius Matthews – age 18,  – hitting him seriously several times. 

He also wounded Jadakis Tysor – age 16.

Once again RRB asks: How is giving Black babies these fake Black names helping them to grow up safe to become well-educated and productive citizens?


How important is it – really – to maintain a separate Black Culture,  – complete with Black names,  Black dress codes,  – and a separate Black language…?

I think it’s making Black kids feel more isolated and alienated,  – and thus more angry and resentful,….causing many to end up making bad decisions.

I wonder,…during these past 8 years,…how many Black babies were named Deval or Barrack…?  

And where is Deion going to get $360,000 for bail…?




ayanna-allen-killed-as-she-sleptSeventy-five miles west of Sanford lies Salisbury, NC,  – where a 7-year old girl was killed in a cowardly drive-by shooting.

At 4:15 AM Sunday morning somebody drove quietly into Harrel Street in Salisbury – turned around,   and on their way out shot up the front of #200.

Grandma was wounded,…

A’yanna Allen was killed in her bed.

sharod-raheen-mathisRelatives ~ think ~ the drive-by may have been in retaliation for the shooting of 22-year-old Sharod Raheen Mathis at the Firewater Lounge earlier in the evening.

Gee,  how’d they know Sharod got killed

…unless somebody in the family is in the drug gang business?

Or did the drive-by cowards shoot up the wrong house?

Unintended Consequences:

55 years since LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act,…and the only lasting result I can see is Blacks are more resentful, – because the so-called ‘promise’ went unfulfilled while jobs were moved overseas.


In our public schools, Blacks aren’t being educated for a leadership role in society or trained to hold down a meaningful job or career;

– they are being pandered to – and told they are still ‘victims’.

The racism is hardly subtle.

And the unintended consequence of young impressionable Blacks – young people without decent role models,  – buying into the cult of victimhood – is that they indeed become victims…..

…not of White People per se….but of elitist Democrats, Socialists, and poverty pimps who see them as nothing more than ‘clients’ and votes; – to be kept in check with Planned Parenthood and drug overdoses; – and harvested for their votes every 2 years….

Other than Islam, – the most racist institution in the world is the American Democrat Party.

5 Responses to “There Really Are Two Americas: Free & Slave”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Yeah, Mike

    Poor union taught urban schools, rough black neighborhoods and drug infested areas are major factors “dividing” people in our country.

    But central to all this is how FAMILIES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED by democrat welfare policies which pay for 14-year-olds girls to fornicate to the tune of $80 per week for life.

    The result is unloved bastard children growing up without a loving FATHER AND MOTHER who guide and support children with moral values and the value of individual responsibility.

    The solution? Trump’s plans to get our economy and jobs back with tax cuts and profit repatriation of trillions parked “offshore” at a super low rate if the funds are targeted toward ghetto areas.

    THEN, welfare payments to pregnant teenagers can be phased out and made for a limited period IF THE FATHER IS IDENTIFIED AND TAKES RESPONSIBILITY.

    Not easy steps — but possibly real solutions to the nightmare problems you cite.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Tea Party Conservative

  2. Mt Woman

    Your history lesson is spot on and the consequences are simply dangerous and pathetic–no other words. The “victims” do not demand more or anything from the Democrats, they accept only words like HOPE and CHANGE and are still waiting for something different.

    Obama has done nothing for America or for those who identified with him and believed that he understood their plight, fears and concerns. Obama has had an easy time of his last 8 years, –no one held him accountable or had any expectations for his exaulted status.

  3. Kojack

    This is the legacy of the democraps. It scares me that when I’m old and vulnerable I’ll be at the mercy of these sociopaths. Hopefully I’ll still be capable of using my Glock until I can no longer come down for breakfast.

  4. Fed-up

    The welfare system is a huge part of the problem, specifically because it does not require that those who receive it WORK. Every time someone is told they can get something for nothing, they take it but don’t value it. And once they get used to getting it, they just feel it’s not enough, they go from being grateful for the help, to being resentful that it comes with any strings, or that it does not cover their WANTS as well as their NEEDS.

  5. Hawk1776

    Lack of a father is certainly a factor in many homes, but years ago there was a saying “spare the rod and spoil the child”. Then along came Dr. Benjamin Spock who advocated a kinder, gentler method of child rearing which has resulted in the snowflake generation. I don’t advocate beating children, but at some point they must learn that actions have consequences. Obama has encouraged lawlessness among black youths by a stunning failure to condemn their action. Great legacy Barry.

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