The Speech In The Street

Posted June 29th, 2014 by Iron Mike

An American Special Forces Sergeant attempts to motivate some Speech in the Streetshameful Iraqi policemen into fighting ISIS insurgents.

He is BLUNT!

Video below the fold, Caution, very colorful language!

These ‘policemen’ are clearly worthless; – judge from the sloppy way they wear their uniforms.

Since the Americans came in 2003 – they’ve had a comfortable government job – without ever having to do much heavy lifting. As Shia – they were the underclass during Saddam’s rule – and grew up being afraid of Sunni authority.

But they did nothing to free themselves – Americans did that for them, – and they’ve since failed to become a worthy or professional force. It’s just been ‘a government job’.

And the Government – headed by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki – has misjudged the situation before them for years, – made a point to appoint only Shi’ites to key positions – thus angering Sunnis.

Maliki wasted time

They thought they could handle national security and rebuilding their country without outside [American] assistance. Yeah, they blew it.

Today the Iraqi cop force can barely wear their uniforms.

Most know that they can’t hit what they shoot at – so they put their AKs on full automatic and ‘spray and pray’, – then retreat. [This only assures seasoned fighters that they’re facing untrained amateurs – easily routed.]

Many of these cops still don’t ‘get it’ – that if the ISIS prevail, and roll into town, – they will be hunted down and either shot or beheaded.

They haven’t figured out whether it is worth risking death in a firefight – or easier to run, shuck their blue uniforms, – and hope to survive the inevitable bloodbath.

The 300 Americans Obama just sent in have a thankless and near-hopeless task, thus this Sergeant’s frustration.

We can only hope the new ‘politically correct’ wussyfied American Army doesn’t lower the full weight of the UCMJ on him.  We’re with you Sergeant!

Ask yourselves Folks: – for decades we’ve trained and equipped the Special Forces units of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and Turkey. Where are they in this fight?

Fact is, that as Sunnis, – they’re probably rooting for the ISIS.

3 Responses to “The Speech In The Street”

  1. Walter Knight

    There will be a sorting out. Colonels will emerge to get the job done. They just need air support and transport. The enemy can pick and choose where they strike in force, whereas Iraqi police and military have a lot of ground to cover.

  2. Mark

    They are only loyal to Islam. These guys will either rejoin the most ruthless groups or will get killed.


    They can’t Mark. These are Shi’ites, the ISIS/ISIL are Sunni – who hate them and who WILL kill them. They need to find the courage to fight….not an easy thing for people who have always done what they were told by Saddam…. and they have no concept of Iraq as a country – because it really isn’t.

  3. Casey Chapman

    This is what happens when you have a country populated by sheeple for several generations. They have no clue how to operate out of individual initiative.