The Pigs de Tocqueville Warned Us About

Posted February 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

MassHOLE Dem pigs overriding Baker’s VETO of their PAY RAISE,  – EXACTLY what de Tocqueville warned us about!

Income inequality be damned,  we want ours – right off the top!

The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

Is it because they’ve been working so hard,…for so long,…digging into our pockets,…to fund their pubic service union voters…?

Writing and passing all those laws and regulations must be such hard thankless work…

.particularly when you have to endure the constant wrath and complaining by that annoying Republican minority – and those damned Republican bloggers

Senate    34 : 6    already paid $58,237/yr + per diem

House   126 : 34  already paid $58,237/yr + per diem

Can you believe that the legislature (called The Great and General Court in Massachusetts) began as a part-time unpaid service – meeting twice a year,  – after the planting and after the harvest…

It didn’t take long for the concept of SERVICE to morph into SELF-SERVICE,  when a legislature full of mediocre and failed lawyers look out for their own interests first,…and the tax-paying public…?

Well,  screw the tax-paying public!

But guys,…what about that $15.oo minimum wage for the kids at McDonalds…?

Well, we gotta get our raises…so we can afford the $9.oo hamburgers…”.

MassHole LibTurds always laugh at me and tell me that “…it’s PATRIOTIC to pay more taxes…”.

So they can smile this April 17th,….when in fact they DON’T voluntarily pay an extra 5% or 10% on their state income taxes.   No,…they’re not overly ‘Patriotic’…they’re really all just talk….

And those 160 Democrat lawmakers….do they fear the wrath of the voters?

Are you kidding?  In this state all they have to do is “be against Trump” and their re-election is virtually assured…..

Come November 6th 2018, Democrat voters here will have totally forgotten this aristocratic maneuver….done just hours before the Super Bowl….    Democrats understand timing!

2 Responses to “The Pigs de Tocqueville Warned Us About”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Gotta love the hypocrites at news organizations such as the Worcester Telegram & Gazette–decry Massachusetts One-Party Rule and the pay hike today, then support every F#CKING Democrat candidate and Lefty cause between now and Election Day 2018.

  2. Mari


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