The Myth Of ‘Peaceful’ Left-Wing Protest

Posted January 23rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Mainstream Media outlets were bragging about how ‘peaceful’ the anti-Trump protesters were on Friday and Saturday…..

Well, ~ maybe ~ this was just an isolated incident…?

But one anti-Trump girl setting a Trump supporter’s hair on fire is hardly ‘peaceful’…it’s felony battery!

Yet those anti-Trump young women are seemingly indifferent to the crime,  – as if it is somehow justified by their hatred

These young anti-Trump demonstrators came of age during the 8 years of the Obama administration.

They were schooled by union teachers in tax-payer funded public schools….

Somehow they either earn – or get – enough money for a trip to DC,…so they are not impoverished inner-city kids surviving on EBT cards and welfare checks….

Yet their basic value system seems to be missing,…and they have no shame.

If they’ll set a stranger afire – for being a Trump supporter,  – what else will they do in their rage?

We should be expecting some very bad news from college campuses,  – even from high schools, – for the rest of this semester!

And we should also expect some adults to be fired – or “laid off” in revenge for being Trump supporters….

Trump cannot fix this.  This is our job.

We may have to re-school an entire generation of young people who were deliberately brainwashed and led astray in our public school systems.

Young people who believe that free health care and free abortions are somehow “basic human rights”,  – and who don’t believe in boundaries or borders,  – can easily be led into committing far worse crimes, . . . while believing they are “fighting for their rights”.

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  1. Sherox

    The girl responsible should be brought up on charges.

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