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Posted July 30th, 2011 by Iron Mike

As we deal with the un-American and unconstitutional actions of our current pResident, I strongly feel we should focus on what he is and isn’t doing.  For instance next week under the false cloak of the 14th Amendment he may sign an unconstitutional executive order.

The so-called ‘birther issue‘ is important only because it presents us a constitutional crisis, – and because when on April 27th Obama released a so-called ‘long form’ [quickly deconstructed by PhotoShop experts] he was once again lying to the American public.

We all have issues in our past, moments of foolishness and poor decisions. Obama seems to have a life full of them, which are important now as we wonder what effects his thinking and his judgment.

This video ~ may ~ be controversial – but it goes a long way to explain much of Obama’s weird behavior.

The speaker is a gay man with a troubled past. You will have to judge the validity of his claims yourself. But you will note Obama’s nose-tweaking gesture – something that most cocaine users do inadvertently.

So is this just one gay man’s bid for attention and fame?

Donald Young was the choirmaster at Obama’s church – Trinity United Church of Christ [Reverend Jeremiah Wright – Pastor].  He was openly gay, and he was found murdered – two shots point-blank to the back of the head – on December 23, 2007.

Within weeks two other black gay men in the same church – Larry Bland and Nate Spencer – were murdered in the same manner. Obamacide?

NONE OF THIS has anything to do with Obama’s abuses of power, his failures to govern in America’s best interest, or his preoccupation with his radical socialist agenda. But these issues do help us understand the depths of sickness in this fraud who occupies the White House.

He could not possibly be this bad and have gotten elected without a well-funded and carefully orchestrated conspiracy making it happen.

 Which begs the question: Is he the leader – or the puppet?

Too far-fetched?  Maybe…  But I don’t think the Cartel can obamacide witnesses fast enough before some – fearing for their lives – come out of the woodwork.  Remember how Grandma Dunham managed to die just before the 2009 election.  Remember how Obama never held a funeral for her?

We should be in for an interesting week. God help us!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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