The Dzhokhar Death Penalty Distraction

Posted January 31st, 2014 by Iron Mike

Dirtnap for DzhokharBrace yourselves for a
Media Merry-Go-Round
of nauseating proportions.

KNOW: the decision to seek the death penalty for this Chechen-born Muslim terrorist murderer had to come from ObamaHolder doesn’t have the stones to make it by himself – he’s a horse-holder [a camel-holder?], not a leader or a decision-maker.

KNOW: with this baby-faced bomber’s life at stake – in űber-liberal MoonBat country – all the emotional, religious, moral, legal, and economic arguments for and against Capital Punishment will be spewing from your TV and your computer for months to come.

The REAL Question:  Pig FarmCan we bury him on a pig farm?

Watch Democrats use this media circus as a SMOKE SCREEN to cover Obama, ObamaCare, Hillary, Benghazi, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and the unemployment numbers.

All print space and air time spent on Dzhokhar and the Death Penalty saves Obama, Hillary, Deval Patrick, et al et aux from being exposed for their misdeeds and failures.

Included in these misdeeds is the FBI’s FAILURE to heed specific Russian warnings about the Tsarnaev family.

Throughout this 2014 Mid-Term election cycle, – every incumbent and every office-seeker will be asked to weigh in on the Death Penalty and on the Tsarnaev murder trial.  It will again become the media’s litmus test, – like gun control, abortion, gay marriage, and marijuana.

And stupid Americans will again be content to let the Media set the parameters of the discussion.  Forgotten will be the dead and the wounded.

There will likely be a flock of brain-dead faithful Dzhokhar groupies – who all want to have his baby – sitting in the courthouse every day, then wailing on the courthouse steps, while the TV cameras roll.  This is EASY air-time fill for TV stations….

And from the safety of Dagestan, Dzhokhar’s venom-filled shoplifting mother Zubeidat will again tell the press “Allahu Akbar!”

Mother Zubeidat


JUSTICE!   Friday, 15 May 2015   Dipshit Tsarnaev sentenced by a federal jury in Massachusetts – to DEATH!   Can we first baptize him – in bacon grease?

Death for Dzhokhar

2 Responses to “The Dzhokhar Death Penalty Distraction”

  1. Walter Knight

    In my science fiction books when death penalty protesters light candles for a vigil, they are arrested on fire code violations and for being Democrats out of Season.

    “They should never have got past Mars”

  2. Casey Chapman

    Holder is using this as a way to keep us distracted throughout the election season. They hope that while we are watching the trial coverage, they can sneak their way into being re-elected without being asked hard questions about their support for Obamacare, why they did not press the justice dept about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc.