Thank You Doctor Jim Spinelli!

Posted August 24th, 2016 by Iron Mike

We get old – then older still,…and our various parts wear down and hurt like hell.  Thank GOD we live in an age of medical miracles – and the great doctors who have studied long, hard, and devoted their lives to improving the quality of ours.
Jim Spinelli agnel in a lead apron
Meet Jimmy,  the one man on earth who’ll get away with shooting me in the back!

Just twenty (20) short minutes with Doctor Spinelli,  and a year of pain vanishes – almost immediately.

[Yes, results differ…  Is that legal enough?]

sciaticaYesterday was my second time,  the first was about two years ago,  – which allowed me more than a year without lower back pain – officially called sciatica.

It’s caused by degeneration of the disks in your lower back,  – resulting on pinched nerves,  – and by the time you know you’re in trouble – pain shoots down your leg, into your knee, and on down to your toes.

You make a lot of squeaking yelps, – enough that kids playing Pokémon-Go think you’re Pikachu.

Just 20 minutes with Jimmy,…and you’re ready to start dating younger girls again!

Jim Spinelli

The most painful part lasts about 1 second – just 1 second – when his long needle goes into the disk.  It’s well worth it.

The other ~ painful ~ part is getting past the Emerson Gargoyles – a couple of ‘nurses’ who act as if Obama himself had appointed them to act important.

Clough Surgical Gargoyles

My years of putting up with petty bureaucrats in the military prepared me….

With luck my shots will last at least a year – maybe two.  Then I’ll see Jimmy again,  – and hold my tongue as I get processed by the gargoyles….

But a year without pain – at my age,  – and after my former life,…


You can reach Doctor Spinelli at: 978 287-3194

Emerson Spine Program
Emerson Hospital Center for Specialty Care
54 Baker Avenue Extension  –  Suite 203
Concord,   MA   01742

Don’t worry about the gargoyles;  – if you’ve lived through 8 years of Deval Patrick and 8 years of O’Bummer – you’ll survive your encounter….

4 Responses to “Thank You Doctor Jim Spinelli!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Iron Mike: I got my new knees and get “shot in the back” (and neck and shoulder….) by a miracle worker in Fort Myers who also treats the Florida Everblades. Sheer pleasure post-op, each time. Too many hard parachute landings and elevated Huey exits, I guess….


    And all the jumping off the 2½ ton trucks….

  2. Sherox

    Very happy for you, Mike. I will pass this information onto someone I know who has that very problem.

  3. Panther 6

    Yes sir. In spite of ObummerCare there are lots of medical miracles out there helping folks like us enjoy our golden years even when the gold gets rusty.

  4. Mt Woman

    I’m talking to my husband about making a call TODAY!!