Thank You Almighty God, – Thank You!

Posted January 20th, 2017 by Iron Mike

President Donald J. Trump!    Vice President Michael R. Pence!
We’re giving the power back to the People!

Escorting the Obamas and the Bidens out of town!

The Bidens left by limo to the train station;  Obamas get one last choper ride to Andrews….

10 Responses to “Thank You Almighty God, – Thank You!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    ….and now the narcissist-in-chief is out of a job…..and hopefully out of our lives.

  2. Varvara

    Yeah !!!!!

  3. Lonnie

    Class and experience knocks out racist community organizer, and returns power to the people.

    Bigger than JFK.

  4. Jim Gettens

    Our 8-year National Nightmare ENDS!!! ALLELUIA!!!

  5. Jim Buba

    Music to my ears; “… former-president Obama.”

    Thank you Jesus!
    Thank you God!
    Thank you voters!

    Ok, now, back to work.

  6. Hawk1776

    Great ceremony. I’m very happy it went smoothly.

  7. Iron Mike

    Tom Gilroy, John O’Mara, Bud Laureyns, Marie Neiber, – today is for you!

  8. Corsair21

    What an amazing day. Watched everything on Cspan and Fox News. We’ve waited so long and counted every day during the transition, and today came, and still, we are digesting this after 8 long awful years. It will take a little time to sink in, but probably not much, because changes are already happening.

    We can enjoy keeping up with Pres. Trump’s actions and take it all in and soak it all up. We need this !

  9. Marc

    If Trump follows through with half of what he’s promised to do he’ll end up one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had.

  10. Sherox

    What concerns me is that O’Bummer said that he was going to set up a shadow government. That needs immediate addressing.