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He assembled a high-priced team of pro-Hillary lawyers to find any shred of evidence linking Vladimir Putin to Trump.  He’s got TWO (2) grand juries going,….yet somehow in leaky Washington – – there isn’t any news…? Could it be that there’s NOTHING THERE?

To us old-timers,…it seems like just yesterday….before the Clintons and the Obama’s… …and it was a magic moment in World History.

Most Democrats never studied History – (fewer still understood it ), most can’t read a map,…which is why most don’t play chess. Still smoldering over the election Hillary couldn’t possibly lose,…American Democrats have zeroed in on Russia and Vladimir Putin as the culprits.  Who but Putin is evil enough and powerful enough to foil their […]

…but did they refuse to sally forth for valid reasons?  Are their aging rust buckets unseaworthy? Last week it seems Czar Putin wanted to create a big noise in the Baltic Sea – just north of where the NATO Ministers were meeting.  But his Admirals and ship captains all refused his order….

The Russian Tzar wants to fly advanced spy planes across the USA – over and above those allowed under the 2002 Open Skies Treaty. It shows how low a regard he holds our lame-duck weakling…. ….and it shows he is making long-range plans – and needs better target information than his aging satellites are providing.   […]

One leader is popular in his country,  – the other is reviled and distrusted in his. OK, ~ maybe ~ it was just a better photo-op,  but since we know the Obamas pretty well eight Christmases after his historic election….you judge for yourself. Mister Putin [who may be part evil] spent Christmas eve in a […]

Kerry sells out for a Peace Prize;  – Obama because he HATES Israel and America. The obvious TREASON in this deal stinks like an open sewer. OK Dhimmicrats; – you voted for ‘CHANGE’,  – and Obama has taken an Iran contained and controlled, – and turned them loose to build EMP Atomic Bombs – to […]

The most anti-GOP network,  always quick to defend the Clintons and the Obamas, – and to mock Republicans, – is suddenly ‘uncomfortable’ with the ‘appearance of conflict’?  Is this a sign that Hillary’s tangled web of lies is coming unglued? It’s not that MSNBC was excited to tell this story….

Russia has degenerated into a criminal cartel run by Vlad the Assassin,  – and Obama hasn’t got a clue! Boris Nemtsov – a very public critic of Putin’s adventurism, – was shot 4 or 5 times in the back as he walked with a female companion, – by men who jumped out a car just […]

The FRENCH?!?  Yep!   The French under President François Hollande are showing more courage than Obama. They’ve just told Putin he can’t have his brand-new French-built helicopter carrier. So not only are French [of all people] standing up to the Iranians in the nuclear bomb talks, – they’re standing up to Putin over the Crimea and […]