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For 8 years he served Obama – first in Homeland Security,  – then for 4 years as head of the CIA.  His purpose was to give Obama ‘analysis’ that was favorable to the regime’s objectives. Once again today this Muslim convert proved loyal to his old boss – in sworn testimony before the House Intel Committee.  […]

If you’ve got the time,  – this video is highly revealing of two key players in the “Surveillance Gate” affair… We should be grateful that somebody with Mandy’s skill has taken the time to analyze and describe this thing for us.   When I watched it live – I didn’t catch it all….

Hillary Said: “No My Yob!”

October 22nd, 2015

It just barely slipped out – a stunningly arrogant admission… “I assign them, – an ‘expert’ takes care of their security….” In all,  Hillary’s day of testimony was a performance that Director Steven Spielberg should be very proud of;  – of both of his client Hillary,  – and her supporting cast of DemoCRAP Congress Critters….

Hillary & Cummings vs The Truth

October 22nd, 2015

Must-Watch TV today – Hillary faces off against Trey Gowdy Day of reckoning, – and the Traitor feels entitled to LIE! Actually like most pathological liars,  it’s all the same in her head.  She no longer even knows what the truth really is.

There is an active FBI investigation into her handling of emails, – and a House Special Committee looking into Benghazi. She has to testify – under oath – in public in just six (6) days…. Will she do a Lois Lerner? Does she want to be President more than she wants to avoid prison?

Bryan Pagliano: Dead Man Walking?

September 3rd, 2015

BE VERY CAREFUL BRYAN!   Taking the 5th won’t save you,  – if you know ‘stuff’ that could send Hillary to jail. Does the name Vince Foster ring any bells? 

It is after all – one of her favorite colors… And she’s on a self-inflicted collision course with both the FBI and Trey Gowdy. Will she end up as PotUS 45, – or just a numbered federal prisoner?

Where there’s SMOKE,…there’s FIRE!  Behind closed doors Trey Gowdy – the closest thing Republicans have to a junk yard dog – is grilling Hillary sycophant Sidney Blumenthal about Benghazi, – when in walks Darrell Issa who failed to get to the bottom of the treason…for 2 long years. Gowdy escorted him out – and there […]

Forgivable Blackberry blunder?  Or criminal enterprise?   Generational ineptitude,…or sheer Clintonian arrogance? What was she trying to hide – from who?  Was she secretly moving vast sums of money?

Will Gruber pull a Lois Lerner? MIT’s most arrogant blabbermouth takes the witness stand today before the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee – to testify about his role in hoodwinking the House – and the American people about ObamaCare. Suddenly famous for videos where he’s stated that the Bill was written to fool the […]