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Trump met with Netanyahu for a joint press conference in Davos and the talk turned to the Palestinian peace process:  “They disrespected us…that money is on the table…and that money is not going to them!” Folks, Trump does not intend for 2-Bit Third World Thugs to push us around anymore!

The Congresswoman from San Francisco is so old and so infirm she can barely get through a press conference.   Is this the best Democrats can do? She finally flings John Conyers under the bus (12:20),  but frankly the Democrats should vote her into some sort of ‘Senior Status’,  – and find someone more in touch […]

Nancy Pelosi For Halloween

October 27th, 2017

Imagine this scary creature at your door – asking for candy… Sadly,   she seems in need of serious medical attention,  and a trip out to pasture.

Holds an hour-long press conference – to talk about himself.  Says HE will judge his performance in office… Seems oblivious….

Is Sharon Bialek a good woman wronged, – or just another opportunist looking for limelight and a movie deal? Her choice of Attorney Gloria Allred ~ might ~ be a clue. Some highlights / lowlights from her past might be too.