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At RRB,…we thank US Attorney Preet Bharara for his tireless service to the cause of Justice and crime-fighting.   As he just found out,…such service can often be thankless,  and can be cut short at the whim of the Chief Executive….or the voters…. Sadly,  Mister Bharara has chosen to cast himself in the mold of a […]

He just got a conviction for Sheldon Silver, – the ex-Speaker of the NY State Assembly! Can we borrow him to go after Robert DeLeo?

The FBI JUST arrested one in New York! They were trying the ‘Bloomberg Maneuver‘ – i.e. Run as a Republican, – then RULE as a Democratic!  Money changed hands.  One ‘real’? Republican said: “Money is what greases the wheels — good, bad or indifferent.” And we’ve got a new hero – just like the days of […]