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If you’ve got the time,  – this video is highly revealing of two key players in the “Surveillance Gate” affair… We should be grateful that somebody with Mandy’s skill has taken the time to analyze and describe this thing for us.   When I watched it live – I didn’t catch it all….

The FBI Director testified before the House Intelligence Committee Monday,  – and was again a study in parsing his words and avoiding questions. First he tells the Committee that there is “no evidence that Obama bugged the Trump Tower”…   THEN he tells the Committee that there has been an ongoing criminal investigation looking into any […]

Scariest Picture Of My Lifetime

September 1st, 2013

Whether you’re conservative, liberal, or outright communist – this picture of these know-nothing inept phonies and lifetime blustering liars – PLANNING A WAR – should scare the crap out of you!

And this pResident ‘cares about women’? Three high-ranking Obama insiders – all women – have attacked Ann Romney in recent weeks. Why?

Every Great Lie…

May 20th, 2012

…begins with a Grain of Truth! ‘Dinosaurs would be alive today if greedy industrialists hadn’t polluted their swamps and poisoned their air!’ So Mister Obama and his cartel begin a process to counter Voter ID laws across the key ‘battleground states’. Their basic claim: ‘Voter identification laws are inherently restrictive and racist – designed to […]

Unemployment Fight Shows Media Will Help Liberals Protect Their Jobs Watch this point – counterpoint to see how the liberal media is serving the Obama Cartel.

UPDATE:  Wed, 11 August:  Official Denial – see video at end of piece. UPDATE:  2 PM EST Monday, July 26th.  Thus far there has been no official confirmation – and no official denial – of this event. I am forced to admit Possibility #1: it was a wonderful [ but scary] internet hoax.  If that is […]

Folks, you just can’t make this stuff up.  Watch as very rich / very liberal media and real estate mogul Mortimer “Mort” Zuckerman [NY Daily News, US News & World Report, Boston Properties] and previously very strong Obama Cheerleader admits he once actually wrote an Obama speech.  That’s this short clip. Then go to this […]

  Florida Senator George LeMieux has every right to be angry. 

New Gitmo A “Jobs Engine”?

November 16th, 2009

Americans, only a world-socialist or a world-class dummy could commit a national defense blunder and call it “a jobs engine”. Folks, government jobs are not economy-building jobs! They add no wealth to the nation. They are rather like the barnacles on the side of a ship, multiplying over time, adding weight and weakening the hull, and eventually needing to be scraped off in drydock. Only a wealth-redistributing socialist could be gleeful about adding hundreds of government jobs to the national payroll. This move fits the left-wing’s agenda of claiming that there “is no terrorist threat”. This allows them to further blur the lines between warfare and law enforcement. This is the Obama Cartel going soft on terrorism from the get-go!