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A total Pelosi toady (just like Tsilent Tsongas) wants to take her retirement benefits and run!  Four (4) terms and nothing to show for it – except her retirement check.

Christopher J. Herbert is a Democrat State Rep from Hillsborough, NH and also a Manchester Alderman. He just can’t seem to be in enough government. Listen to the short clip below the fold as he rages about an elderly neighbor – who he wants moved out – so the city can tax her property higher.

James came to CPAC 2016 – and delivered a stinging indictment against New Hampshire’s culture of corruption and never-ending voter fraud.   He basically threw down the gauntlet to NH Attorney General Joseph A. Foster. Short video below the fold….

Oh the EXCITEMENT!!   That Special Day when anybody can come up and be a New Hampshire voter!  Whee! Not widely covered in the media, – Election Day in New Hampshire is legendary for widespread and flagrant voter fraud. SecState Bill Gardner doesn’t care….never has,…never will….

It’s the smell of decaying bodies…. Poor New Hampshire Dhimmicrats; – they have just ONE (1) candidate in the presidential race.  Hillary is there today – expecting a coronation.  Anybody expect Hillary to stop the Doherty home in Winchester on her way back to Boston?  UPDATE:

A New Low For Joe Biden

September 24th, 2012

Now even his wife’s remarks take on a cheap dirty innuendo… Is this the level we’ve let our government sink to? Remember – this was an Obama-Biden friendly crowd! Longer, more painful version:

New Hampshire and Iowa have nothing on Concord, MA!  Mrs RR and I attended an event hosted by the Concord RTC last night at the historic Colonial Inn.  There were two agenda items: 1) watching the Republican candidate debate, and 2) watching the Bruins trounce Vancouver.  I think the debate went well.  The questions were […]

Just suppose you started a company in Boston – 65 years ago. You worked long and hard, hired good people to help you, and over many decades you watched your idea and your work grow into a durn big company. But the Taxocrats on Bacon Hill noticed you, and they started drooling. Your taxes keep […]

We Have A New President! I’ve been watching our president with deep interest from the days of the 2004 DNC in Boston. Back then he electrified the Convention, although only a Illinois State Senator at the time.  Many started talking “President”.  Wow, who knew?