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The President talks to Police Officers at Suffolk Community College in Brentwood.  The cops seemed to enjoy it! NOTE:  NY City Mayor de Blasio ordered his cops not to attend.

Many of Acton’s good-hearted citizens are being persuaded to turn our town into a “Sanctuary Town” for illegal immigrants.  They have many reasons – all misguided. One popular left-wing myth is that “Sanctuary Cities are safer because ‘undocumented immigrants’ aren’t afraid to report crimes.”  Sadly this is a bald-faced LIE!

WHEN will white liberal suburban Americans wake up to the immigration nightmare?   For decades Americans have tolerated “illegal immigration”  – believing they were helping “poor refugees from impoverished war-torn lands”. Now the children of those “poor refugees” are killing each other,  – and us,  – as they begin to clog our courts, fill up our prisons, […]

Decapitates 35-yr old mother,  dials 911,  steps out with her head in one hand,  butcher knife in the other.  Two baby sisters inside. Between ISIS,  MS-13,  and the Mexican Drug Cartels,…this kind of thing has become more common across our land.  Watch who your kids are associating with.  This could quickly become “a thing” with […]

RIP: Whittier Officer Keith Boyer

February 20th, 2017

A good cop came to assist a man in trouble this morning.  But LibTurd California thinking had already programmed his death. Waiting in a disabled (stolen) car was a career gang-banger – on parole just 10 days thanks to AB 109 – signed into law in 2009 by Governor Jerry Brown – which mandates early […]

Evil lurks in Lawrence Mass!   I’m fairly certain both city and state government will attempt to muffle and gloss over the details.  One 16-year old boy will be in court Monday to be arraigned for First Degree Murder,  – and maybe torture. Per the authorities the victim was beheaded,  his lower arms cut off,  – […]

Shocking gruesome crime?  Or inevitable result of mindless Democrat politics? A dog-walker finds a headless torso on the north bank of the Merrimack,  – cops find the head nearby….and tell the folks ‘there is no danger to the public’.   Wasn’t their headless victim recently a member of ‘the public’? Who’s next?  Watch the various authorities […]

Sylville K. Smith was just 23 when he walked toward a Milwaukee cop with a loaded handgun Saturday afternoon following a traffic stop.   The extended ‘combat magazine‘ – holding 23 bullets was unmistakable. The cop waited,  – ordered him to drop it,  – and then finally…fired,…killing him. Smith has / had a record of reckless […]

It’s tough not to admire the courage of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz. While some of her past cases have come with controversy,  – she did get the Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev,  – she put Whitey Bulger away,  and now she’s rounding up MS-13 – the most dangerous street gang in the Western Hemisphere.

Governor Deval Patrick refuses to protect you from criminal aliens. He says it would be ‘racist‘ to do so. So he’ll ignore them and let them live amongst you – to prey upon you – while you pay for their housing, food stamps, medical care, and educate their offspring.