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Because most high school and college-age people have never heard this liar in action! As Democrats rant about some mythical Trump-Russia connection,  – it’s worth remembering (or learning for the 1st time) what a habitual serial liar sounds like.

It’s been good quiet fun watching the Democrat Party come unglued since last November when the Clinton Dynasty was brushed aside by voters fed up with frauds.   In recent months the series of Hollywood sex abuse scandals has added to the joy. It was in this environment of sudden outrage that Senator Gillibrand (the […]

First he seduced a 22-year old White House intern – fresh out of college.  They had sex for some 17 months – Nov ’95 to March ’97.   She told her friend Linda Tripp – who made her save a cocktail dress with Bill’s seamen on it…. Watch an arrogant Bill Clinton shamelessly lie under oath, […]

76,000,000 American women are of legal age to be President. Yet Democrats could only find this one (1) out of 76 million…? …and they seem to know so very little about her past.

I’ve been witness for 56 years, – 14 election cycles,  and it’s gone from inspiring to sad, – to bazaar,  – and now to frightening. By 1960 it seemed the Democrat Party was finally about to discard their mantle of slavery,  Jim Crow laws,  and KKK lynchings.  Now they seem bent on enslaving us all….

Anybody notice Bill Clinton’s new trick last night? Why isn’t this serial rapist wearing an ankle monitor?

Bernie, the ranting old socialist is right,  – it was a national disgrace,  – but back in 1998 liberals were dismissive,  saying “…it was just consensual sex between two adults…” Does Bernie operate under a double standard,  – given he has an illegitimate son by old girlfriend Susan Mott? Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi   […]

Contrast And Compare…

September 15th, 2015

CAUTION Hillary Fans:   Story and photos may induce PAIN and VOMITING! Decorah, Iowa to Dallas, Texas   – 200  vs  20,000.   OUCH! Hillary was at Luther College yesterday – attempting to mock Trump to an intimate gathering of some 200 followers… Trump spoke to an overflow crowd of 20,000 in Dallas.

Watch Now For The Traitors

April 12th, 2015

If people were ‘color-blinded’ in 2008, – and thus allowed themselves to ignore the obvious warning signs…                    …there can be no excuse in 2015 and 2016! Hillary is not some brand-new phenomena breaking suddenly on the American Political Stage.   We’ve been watching this poisonous bitch since 1992,  – longer than that if you’re […]