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The Alabama Senate Race is UGLY!   Of course loser Mitt Romney tried to jump into it on behalf of the never-Trumpers…. Steve Bannon just took Romney and his entire family to the woodshed,  – a trip long overdue!   TY Steve!  3½ delightful minutes below the fold

The Trump-Romney Dinner….

November 30th, 2016

I could be wrong,  – but Mitt doesn’t look thrilled….

Maybe he thought he could genuflect, – and all would be forgiven. Maybe he thought he is still an ‘important Republican‘… Maybe he believed the rumors….that he was under consideration for SecState – i.e. the #3 position in the Trump Administration…  His body language upon leaving told how crushing an hour of reality can be…..

Mitt spent last week campaigning with Kasich in Ohio,…and he must have totally fooled him…. Imagine how stunned Kasich must have felt today when Romney announced he’s voting for Ted Cruz in the Utah Caucuses…. Yeah John,  that’s Romney’s dagger sticking out of your back. #NeverTrustMitt

If pro-amnesty ‘Favorite Son’ Governor John Kasich thinks he has a victory under his belt,  – he is delusional.  He is now a wholly-owned toady of the Big $$$ GOP Establishment,  – which now includes George Soros.  He’s become just a trading commodity at the GOP convention…. Did you ever think you’d live to see the day […]

Kasich now promises Executive Amnesty in his First 100 Days! Remember,… Mitt’s daddy was born in Mexico… And NOW we learn that Kasich took $588,375 from George Soros….WTF?

Chocolate Pants has been busy making phone calls since last Tuesday – he’s lining up the Patsies,  the Pussies and the RiNOs for his glorious re-election.  He SO needs the limelight….you know,…he’s ego-driven and coin-operated. His phone targets are the known go-along RiNOs and the newly-elected Charlie Baker flunkies on the 80-member MassGOP State Committee.  […]

The elitist smarter-than-you fool, – who surrendered the GOP’s 2012 campaign to CNN’s Candy Crowley, – will address the nation Thursday night – in a bid to “Stop Trump”… …the GOP Establishment RiNOs have promised him that if he succeeds,  they’ll let him sneak in the back door in Cleveland,  during a brokered convention….and run […]

I was always suspicious of Charlie.  But then he made me a promise – in front of witnesses.  But then…he promptly broke it.   Now he’s behaving like your average Democrat Governor or big city mayor,  – he’s loading the MassGOP with RiNO cronies and lap-puppies.  And he’s using our money to do it. If you’re […]

RiNOs, Can You See November Yet?

February 25th, 2016

Huckabee,  Jeb,  Christie are out, – Scott Walker left weeks ago, – and Kasich will follow shortly.  Mitt Romney is storm-battered and snake-bit; – he can’t be persuaded to come riding in and campaign to save your losing cabal.  Sure, he’d take it if it were handed to him in Cincinnati. Like it or not,  short […]