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One of the sadder things I’ve witnessed during the Obama era is how the once-fierce standard bearer of the Republican Party withered,  crumbled,  and became little more than a bag man for the Clintons. There is nothing “Senatorial” left to the legacy of John McCain.  The recent revelation that last November he was passing around […]

There is something disturbing and twisted about the man who TWICE purported to lead Republicans into the White House,  – but who now stands solidly in the way of Republicans cleaning up Obama’s mess.  Is he insane,…or has he sold out…? Is his latest threat to vote against the Graham-Cassidy Bill an anti-Trump move – […]

They’ve become outright frauds in their old age,  – McCain is a Socialist masquerading as a ‘Maverick Republican’;  – while Sanders is an outright commie still pretending to be a ‘Progressive Democrat’. For those who seek a Silver Bullet in “term limits” – these are their poster boys.

What should we call RiNOs who turn and run from the first gunshot? STOP the Train – the hypocrites want to get OFF!

Aging RiNO John McCain still faces Kelli Ward in primary August 30th. McCain has a massive war chest,  – BUT,…only half the Arizona delegates in Cleveland 2 weeks ago said they’d vote for him. He’s been all over the map on issues of immigration and terrorism.

You thought they hate Trump because of his personality,  – his bigger-than-life style,  – his personal branding? Nah!   What they hate is his non-conforming anti-globalist vision of America First! Ohio’s nerdy governor John Kasich is a perfect example.  He’s at a much different ‘Republican Convention’ in Cleveland this week.

Several Republicans are already giving RiNO McCain a run for his seat, including Meluskey and Dr. Kelli Ward.   This ad wouldn’t exist if McCain wasn’t vulnerable on a number of issues. It’s sad to see how far McCain has fallen since 2008….

John McCain’s Very BAD Day

August 18th, 2015

In 2008 McCain outlasted and out-campaigned Tommy Thompson,  Tom Tancredo,  Fred Thompson,  Ron Paul,  Mike Huckabee,  Mitt Romney,  Rudy Giuliani and others to become the Republican Standard-Bearer.   That was THEN… Last Friday he was chased off the Reservation by angry Indians.

McCain picked a bad time to spread his name across the media by attacking Donald Trump!   Now Doctor Kelli Ward – a practicing physician [and Arizona State Senator],  wants his US Senate seat,  and the tide may be moving with her! Somehow I doubt Kelli will want Obama to arm Muslim terrorist groups in Syria.

McCain has been fronting for his RiNO buddy Lindsey Graham – [who has recently dropped below his previous 1% position in the polls] – while Trump has surged to the lead with 18%. So words get exchanged,  and all Hillary and Sanders can do is hope it damages the whole GOP.  But it won’t, because…