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Lurch (aka Swift Boat War Hero Kerry) is dusting off his Rolodex right now!

John Kerry’s Hanukkah Turd

December 29th, 2016

Nothing quite says “Fuck all you Jews” like ‘War Hero’ Kerry dropping his Hanukkah Turd and telling the world he wants a “2-state solution” based on the 1967 lines…. If you’re too stupid to understand the evil he is perpetrating,  – you really need to read this blog entry.

He ranks right up there with Benedict Arnold, Judas, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama….. Damned sure he didn’t write his own speech,  – which he thinks will launch his 2020 presidential run….

I take great satisfaction at having lived long enough to write THIS blog entry.  Lifelong left-wing activist / communist sympathizer and American traitor Tom Hayden died yesterday. He won’t vote next month! If you read a measure of bitterness and vitriol in my words, – that is because I lack the skills to write how I […]

He sends State Dept money (our Tax $$) to his daughter’s ‘Charity’.   Does the plan sound familiar….? You know John Kerry – the Vietnam ‘War Hero’…

I’m not sure how much Military Science the Yale NROTC Department was teaching back in the 1960s, – but all of it blew right through John Kerry’s arrogant elitist ears. When ISIS can successfully attack two major European airports in under 100 days,  – while fighting against Syrian, Russian, Iraqi, US, and Peshmerga forces,  – […]

John Ketchup Kerry is facing old age and hard times [unemployment] and he won’t be able to take Obama sailing….. He’s selling his New Zealand-built sailing yacht – the Tax Dodger – for a mere $4 Million, – about 43% of what he paid….. That yacht and Kerry himself stand as absolute proof that shit […]

Funny things happen at the State Department when Obama is out of the country,  – some folks suddenly find their patriotism…. Imagine that this ‘finding’ took a full 3½ YEARS!

What are we to believe?   John Kerry – the very same guy who picked lover-boy John Edwards as his VP Running Mate – had a pretty Iranian woman working on his staff as he ‘negotiated’ the Nuclear Bomb Give-Away…. Is Sahar Nowrouzzadeh a patriotic Iranian-American,  – an Iranian sympathizer,…or an Iranian plant?