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I can only hope he has her arrested and charged!

Governor Jerry “MoonBeam” Brown hates our Federal Government,  hates deporting illegal Mexicans,  hates Trump,   and hates guns.   His state is severely bankrupt. Now a twice-deported illegal Mexican – shielded by Sonoma County’s “Sanctuary Status”,  – has burned out a dozen winerys…..

Why Is John Sandweg Quitting ICE?

February 16th, 2014

The ‘Acting’ Director of ICE – a young criminal defense attorney just 13 years out of law school – with ZERO law enforcement experience – is suddenly resigning his post. Could it be, ~  that tracking down on fake SuperBowl jerseys ~ while letting criminal illegals go free doesn’t appeal to his sense of honor?  […]

Chris Crane explains – in a voice and tone far calmer than I could muster – what is wrong with the bill – and with the attitudes of the ‘Gang of Eight’. Former Marine Crane is an ICE officer – and ICE Union President. GANG-of-EIGHT:   Marco Rubio (R)FL, John McCain (RiNO)AZ, Lindsay Graham (RiNO)SC, […]

Did DHS Queens Run Amok?

August 10th, 2012

Bad leadership, – or ‘girls gone wild’? So alleges a federal discrimination lawsuit filed by James T. Hayes, Jr. – currently the NY City chief of ICE.  He says that life back at the DC HQ became hellish and bizarre when the ‘ladies’ came to run things.  He’s looking for a modest $335,000 in damages.

Every day we see more and more examples of government taking over our lives.  Yesterday it was a UT school being fined $15,000.00 for violating federal lunch laws (who knew?) by selling a soda by mistake at lunch time. Today it’s armed police shutting down a popular ice cream spot (nearly a religion in New […]

Suck it up Duh-val, Secure Communities is coming! Our Governor was counting on our 160,000 illegals as future Democrat voters, and of course he sees their 90,000 anchor babies as ‘clients’. It all fits into the liberal version of the Nanny Welfare State. But damn, some of those illegals have been killing Americans! And while […]

Democrats in general have a squishy soft outlook on crime.  It is exponentially squishier here in the Peoples’ Commonwealth – where even our Attorney General Martha Coakley cannot see a crime taking place in front of her – and famously said ‘…it’s not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts‘. Listen as Boston Mayor Tom ‘Mumbles‘ Menino […]

Will Lorenzo Echevacia finally get Deval Patrick’s attention?    Lorenzo is one bad hombre! 12 aliases, 10 arrest warrants, a 2001 kidnap-rape in Saugus, drug charges, prison time, deported in 2004 to the Dominican Republic, obviously re-entered illegally,  – he is the poster child for why we need Secure Communities. As of 11 AM this […]