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Things just got REAL UGLY in California.  Governor MoonBeam suddenly needs to call President Trump.  AWKWARD! Charlie Baker, – how much longer will you play Brahmin Asshole?

“Sacramento, – we have a PROBLEM!” With a GIANT PUSH from union teachers – California just passed Prop 30 – raising the state sales tax to 7.5% and a HUGE tax increase on the wealthy.  It was retroactive.  It was supposed to bring in $6 – $9 Billion – and forestall more teacher layoffs. Guess […]

Parasites In Your Wallet

November 7th, 2010

Why do Democrats and Socialists believe they have a ‘right’ – even a ‘duty’ to force the rest of us to comply with their state welfare programs [like ObamaCare] and tax the crap our of us to do so?  Year after year they seem to vote and live like parasites in your wallet. I have […]