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Whether it’s Obama,  Sharpton,  or your know-it-all local yokel,  you can always trust the left wingers to make erroneous snap judgments and pontificate bombastically!  CASE IN POINT: Someone took the time to compare the transportation of 21 year old mass murderer Dylann Roof in North Carolina yesterday, – to the scene of 43 year old […]

Democrats Suddenly FEAR Bloggers

February 11th, 2015

Only two members of the FEC are Obama hacks – Chair Ann Ravel and Lee Goodman, – but they’re making noise like scared rats!

We can only bear our ignominious disgrace in stoic silence, – since RiNOs outnumber Patriots on the 80-member State Committee,  and you don’t get another chance to dump them until March 2016. Just 86 days ago our voters elected a RiNO as governor [yes, Charlie was way better than Coakley] and sent all 8 incumbent […]

Founded 100 years ago at the outset of WW I,  the magazine was relentless in it’s scorn for our Constitution, – for religion, – and for Republicans and Conservatives. Now Facebook Billionaire Chris Hughes owns them and he’s ruthlessly throwing out the ‘old progressive fogies’, and moving the headquarters from DC to NY City.