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Decapitates 35-yr old mother,  dials 911,  steps out with her head in one hand,  butcher knife in the other.  Two baby sisters inside. Between ISIS,  MS-13,  and the Mexican Drug Cartels,…this kind of thing has become more common across our land.  Watch who your kids are associating with.  This could quickly become “a thing” with […]

Think your drug use is ‘harmless’? Nuevo Laredo: 9 tortured, then hung from a bridge – 4 women / 5 men – with a sign saying they were from the Gulf Cartel. 14 heads left at city hall in coolers – with a note which led to finding their bodies stuffed into an SUV. The […]

Beirut, Arizona

August 29th, 2011

This should curl your hair!

The War In Mexico

August 26th, 2011

Yesterday it was a cartel raid on Casino Royale in Monterrey – a gambling casino. 52 dead. Posted below is a U-Tube video of the raiders arriving in four cars. You don’t need to understand Spanish to understand the action. Watch how fast the smoke starts after the raiders enter. Most of the victims were […]

Do These Dots Connect?

November 19th, 2010

November 5th:  Feds arrest 34 student pilots from Brazil taking flight training in Stow, MA.  They – and maybe their instructor – are all here illegally.  Federal authorities mildly embarrassed.  We were assured that terrorism was not involved. November 15th:  A story surfaces of South American drug cartels flying whole planeloads of cocaine to Africa for […]

Remember when Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”?   While he’s had you looking elsewhere, he’s really been doing it.