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Yet another cautionary tale about why smart people avoid doing any business with the Clintons.  Back on December 15th, – when the bodies were found hanging by their indoor pool, – it was dismissed as a “sad murder-suicide”. Now Toronto Police are calling it murder – by a team of killers.

This story has yet to make the Propaganda Ministry,  – but it will someday be known as the greatest TREASON and the biggest SELLOUT of America,  – by a sitting president and his anti-America cartel. Take 5 minutes – listen, and tuck the basics away in your memory.  Then remember Hillary in 2009 giving Russian […]

Yes the election of 2016 is over,….but the Clinton Crime Cartel isn’t going away.  In fact,…multiple sources indicated that Daughter Chelsea is being readied for a 2018 run for Congress. And if – God forbid – Trump stumbles badly,….Hillary will bounce up in 2020 to say “I told you so!”,  and her millions of mindless […]

In countries you might not find on an unmarked map – the Clintons have found ways to amass fortune after fortune.  The results are always the same;  thugs prosper,  people suffer and are often murdered, – and the US ends up looking like the villain. The scope of their evil is breath-taking.  This video ~ […]

Add three (3) more names to the Arkancide list….

Her Royal Highness DEMANDS!

July 28th, 2016

Already she thinks she rules the airwaves….. See the ad – and what she told the Indians:

Die-hard Hillaryphiles see nothing wrong with this…. The QUESTION is – do you? 

Anderson Cooper should NEVER have been selected or agreed to moderate.  He’s just proven himself to be without ethics. With just 6 hours to go, – can or will CNN even bother to find a non-partisan replacement? CNN: The Clinton News Network?  TY Matt Drudge!  We always knew there’d be shit in the game, – […]

She’s been dodging reporters for weeks as scandals drip-drip-drip… …if only George Stephanopoulos was there to toss softballs…

….they’d call him “George”!   Former Clinton White House Press Secretary turned ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos turns out to be one of those ‘undisclosed donors’ to the Clinton Foundation [aka Slush Fund], – – to the tune of $75,000.oo. This explains why he’s been a cheerleader and defender – instead of a journalist.   I can […]