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Susan Rice no longer controls her fate.   If last year she had visions of becoming SecSTATE to President Hillary,…her biggest problem today is staying out of prison. Her trusted former boss Barack Obama will hang her out to dry.   To prevent her from testifying under oath to Congress,  – and later in court,…he will most […]

How desperate is College President Paula A. Johnson? She has ‘invited’ ( had her arm twisted? ) Hillary Clinton to address the graduating class of 2017.   What measure of ‘Success’ can Hillary talk about?

…it took so long because it’s hard to come up with a line that rhymes with:  “What difference at this point does it make?” I’m sure you’ll hear your neighborhood Democrats singing and humming this one by the weekend…

WoW! It’ pretty clear she hasn’t been taking the pulse of Americans,…say since 1992… Watch before she twists arms to have it taken down….

Angelina Jolie is going for a Three-peat,  – dumping self-absorbed pretty-boy Brad Pitt, – because he smokes too much weed, drinks too much, and is rough on their six (6) kids…. Just a hunch,  but I’m thinking Mister Pitt will be far less involved with far-flung ’causes’ as he struggles to meet child support obligations…. […]

What makes you think you’re somehow ‘entitled’ to either ‘good government’ or an honorable patriotic president? Other than pay taxes, – what have you contributed?

We’re starting to see the parts of a very disciplined campaign – as this ad is focused on the so-called battleground states…. Does a nice job of defining the issues…

Kyle Olson and the American Mirror has done a nice piece of reporting – on the 10-foot wall surrounding the Clinton’s Chappaqua, New York mansion. What intruders does she fear,…fans,…media,…assassins,…ISIS,…the Sinaloa Drug Cartel,…job seekers…Arabs with cases of cash?

Take 20 minutes – learn all you need to know on November 8th. The facts are here – all in one short video,  – and only your willful ignorance and disregard for the true history of the Clinton Crime Cartel can keep you a Hillary fan.