Stupidity: Charleston To Charlottesville

Posted August 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The evil legacy of Dylann Storm Roof is aided and abetted by knee-jerk liberals.

By his own admission Dylann is a hate-filled sociopath.  He murdered 9 Black people in a Bible study class in Charleston SC on Wednesday evening June 17th 2015.  American Black activists joined slavishly by American Liberals immediately over-reacted.

Because a young White man had killed Blacks – and had been photographed holding a Confederate flag, and wearing the flags of South Africa and Rhodesia, – there was an immediate outcry of WHITE RACISM,…and a call to remove all symbols of the American Confederacy.

Flags came down.  Streets were renamed.  Statues of Confederate Generals were first vandalized,  then removed.

It was as if people thought we could somehow ‘end racism in America’ by ignoring our shared history.

Yet the failure is shared equally by American parents and American School Systems.  The parents left the teaching of History to the schools,  – and the schools deliberately taught a glossed-over and bastardized version of “History” – which in the past 20+ years has emphasized “Man-Made Global Warming”….while ignoring the causes and the outcomes of Americas wars.

Most young Americans – Black and White alike – cannot tell you during what years our Civil War occurred, – or what events started it.  The same is true for WWI and WWII.

26 months ago a young White sociopath went to a Black church in Charleston,  befriended the folks there, and suddenly killed them. 

He later stated his hopes were to start a race war.

Sadly,  our president at the time – the half-Black and half-American Obama chose to use the funeral for his own self-promotion,  – not to settle the nation’s raw nerves.  He stoked the racial fires.

Dylann Roof has been sentenced to death by both the Federal government and by the State of South Carolina.

This is a replacement video – because YouTube decided to pull the first one.  This one by PBS is very one-sided – and decidedly anti-Trump in it’s tone.  I’ve posted it because it does show the level of violence which the so-called “anti-fascists’ brought to the scene.

If you doubt for a minute that your access to the truth is being filtered – heavily,  – think about why someone would deem it appropriate to pull a news video…

There is ONLY ONE SIDE of this story the media want you to hear about – and that is “Trump inspired White Racism”.   Don’t fall for it!

But the Black and Liberal backlash against his evil deeds turns out to be far worse than the deed itself.

The issue in Charlottesville is the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee – erected in 1924,  where it has stood as a monument to bravery and leadership for 93 years.  But now Liberals want it gone.  There are court battles.

Today came the inevitable backlash.  Whether you label them as racists, fascists, Nazis, the alt-Right, or just angry White men – a group came to protest the removal process.

So of course the left’s so-called antiFA (anti-fascists) showed up to block them.

And the local police seemed overwhelmed.

And then a young white person drove his car into a crowd of the antiFA – killing one and injuring a dozen.

More backlash,  more court cases,  more symbols to be purged…?  Of course!

On Death Row Dylann Roof is smiling.  His dream is coming true.

The statue will go.

It cannot speak to stupidity or injustice – it cannot fight back.  The Left – which refuses to TEACH History – is busy ERASING it! 

In the generations to come, America will pay a terrible price for this stupidity.

While this video in no way excuses the deliberate act of James Fields,  – it DOES SHOW that the left-wing “anti-FA” crowd came armed with batons and baseball bats.
In other words, they came intending to create violence.

Ancient quote: When you set out to kill a man, – FIRST dig two graves!

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8 Responses to “Stupidity: Charleston To Charlottesville”

  1. Migliorini John

    Thank you for your tireless sensibility

  2. BEN

    Ignorance- another disease but curable if you want to be cured.

  3. FLICK

    I wish I could sit through a American History class to see what is being administered and to tell it like it really was.

    They are sanitizing the uncomfortable truth and tailoring it to fit the liberal agenda.

    On another subject mentioned if the millennials are looking to go ‘green’ they should turn in all their rechargeable devices. Do they think that the energy that manufactures and recharges all their comforters (iphone etc) comes from wind and solar? That day will come soon enough, and it will be ugly.

  4. Kojack

    The protests in Charlottesville probably would not have turned violent if the counter-protesters had stayed away. Even when they are left alone to conduct their own “protests” get violent and destructive, i.e. burning building, smashing windows and vehicles, etc. I strongly suspect they started it.

    Lib-TURD’s and other anti-American opportunists have caused the ranks of pro-white groups to swell as of late with what most rational people see as a renewed, focused discrimination on white Christians, especially men and especially on college campuses. They JUSTIFIABLY feel that there is no organization advocating for them.

    If we are going to keep the NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus which institutionalize racism then in all fairness we need to we need to form the NAAWP and form the Congressional Caucasion Caucus.

    I find it interesting that the KKK and Neo-Nazi groups are rightfully labeled as racists but screwy Louis Farrakan’s Nation of Islam and BLACK LIvES MATTER are not. Hmmmm.

  5. Panther 6

    Iron Mike has done it again, calling a spade a spade (no pun intended) Kojack wrote lots of good points also. So they want to remove Marse Roberts Statue? They don;t know his history, or ours for that matter. He preached reconciliation and coming together after the war. He freed his slaves before the Emancipation proclamation (maybe the INTERNET is lying about that). Wonder if any High School or College History prof is aware that there were over 250- FREE black slave owners in the south before the war. One in LA reportedly owned several hundred slaves and was a very wealthy man. Maybe the net has that all wrong but there were so many refs and sites reflecting this kind of info that I think it is pretty accurate. GOOGLE Free Black Slave Owners in the South before 1861 and make up your own mind.


    TY Sir for your kind words. Most modern ‘Yankees’ are holier-than-thou about slavery – because they don’t know that slavery was legal – and practiced – in northern states and that most of the later slave ships were owned by northerners.

    When you don’t know History – utter babble comes out of your mouth.

  6. Vic

    Charles Manson hoped to start a race war with the Sharon Tate murders. Nuts like these have been around for a long time.

  7. Clinton ma tea party

  8. Iron Mike

    The following was sent to me by a trusted source. It sheds a different light on the events in Charlottesville:


    “I am a citizen of Charlottesville and yesterday was a horrible day for my city. The news outlets have it all wrong. This whole march was started by the city’s vice mayor and the city council. The vice mayor who is a racist black man ( google Wes Bellamy and read his hate statements towards white people and women) who decided to try to make a name for himself by removing a historical statue of Robert E Lee. He wants to erase history.

    After the citizens of Charlottesville voiced their opinion that the statue should stay Wes Bellamy kept pushing the issue.

    These are the facts. This has nothing to do with Trump. Wes Bellamy and the city council brought this mess upon our city.

    Race relations here have been set back 60 years. BLM is to the black community as the KKK is to the white community. Hate is what it is. Hate has no color, hate has no political belief. There is hate on both sides, yesterday proved that”…

    Mike King,Charlottesville resident.

    I did Google Wes Bellamy,….this is his picture.
    Wes Bellamy