Study This Picture Democrats…

Posted October 15th, 2013 by Iron Mike

…and T-H-I-N-K !!
ATTN Democrats

All along you’ve assumed that ObamaCare was about ‘health care’‘for everybody – even the poor’?   You bought into the BS that insurance companies are evil and too powerful?   Think again!

The accidental computer glitch which shut down EBT Cards in 17 states this past weekend should scare the crap out of you.

BECAUSE,  the government will be able to TURN OFF  your ObamaCard – any damned time they want to.

ObamaCare was NEVER about ‘health care’ – it was about TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL – of your entire life.

Go ahead,…sign up – tell HHS every detail about yourself and your family.

The Unknown ObamaYou can trust the Government, right?

After all,  you were naïve enough to trust Obama! 

You never even questioned his credentials!

In recent years the Obama Cartel has threatened to withhold military pay, social security payments, veteran’s benefits and government retirement pay…., and furloughed government workers and contractors.

Where on Earth do you get the idea that Obama won’t turn OFF ObamaCare payments?    

You’ve just put all your family’s eggs – in Obama’s basket!
And you should also consider system-wide computer problems,  breeches of personal data,  criminal hackers stealing your family identity…nosy government employees and politicians snooping in your records…

4 Responses to “Study This Picture Democrats…”

  1. Tom

    The roll out actually enrolled 51,000 when a minimum of 7,000,000,000 are required to break even, but given the massive screw up to date, that number may be grossly understated.
    The moonbats that are all giddy about Obamacare already have insurance and will not be enrollimg but they may be receiving a subsidy when that schedule rolls out. The ultimate goal is single payer, destroy the insurance companies and total control of the population.

  2. Hawk1776

    It will be very interesting when the liberals in favor of Obamacare find out just how much it’s going to cost them. You hear screaming and whining cost to coast.

    I’m no fan of insurance companies, but if you think they are bad, wait for the government takeover. Obamacare is a terrible law that will ruin the US healthcare system. We have already seen the hours for part time workers cut to 30 hours a week or less. The next step is for companies currently offering healthcare to offer their employees a stipend and move them to Obamacare. This is big government at its worst. Once we start down the road to Obamacare I fear there is no turning back.

  3. Prim

    The non-essential government workers are crying as they are being furloughed, even though they are collecting unemployment benefits and eventually getting their back pay. Could you imagine the outcry if their hours were cut to 30 hours a week. If the government was run like a business, those non-essential workers would either be considered essential, – or cut.

    It really is time for a change in Washington, but it will never happen until there are term limits, a limit on election spending, voter accountability and holding politicians accountable for their actions as any civilian would be.

    With that we might as well dream of unicorns and dancing fairies as well.

  4. Casey Chapman

    I will not sign up unless my insurance company closes shop, and even then I’ll think before doing so. The premiums and deductibles are so much higher, it is ridiculous. I understand that you have to fill out the application and give them all your information BEFORE being able to compare plans.