Speaker Boehner’s Immigration Epiphany?

Posted February 7th, 2014 by Iron Mike

John Boehner I have seen the lightAmerica ~ may ~ have
just dodged a bullet!

House Speaker John Boehner – who had been sounding like a Girl Scout S’more – has suddenly backed off his plan to go along with Obama’s blanket amnesty scheme.

Personally, I’ve wondered if Obama was blackmailing both Boehner and Ryan….

Boehner and RyanBut suddenly Thursday,  Boehner – in a very measured and quiet manner, – indicated ‘it would be difficult to move forward with an immigration reform bill’ – because the President hasn’t proven trustworthy in executing and enforcing existing laws.

Mind you,  Boehner was also facing a sizable revolt from House Republicans,  and ~ might ~ have lost his speakership.

Worse, back home in his 8th Congressional District candidates are coming out of the woodwork on both sides to challenge him in the May 6th Primary.  He faces three Republican / TEA Party guys – Matthew Ashworth,  Eric Gurr, and J. D. Winteregg.
Ohio 8th CD 

On the Democratic side [gee, do they see weakness?] there are four more Matthew Guyette, Tom Poetter, Morton Meier, and Robert Edward Crow

With a war-chest of nearly $3 million, Boehner shouldn’t have to worry – in a normal year.  But 2014 will be no ‘normal’ year!

So Obama’s threats – ‘to use his pen and his phone’ – have enabled the normally spineless Boehner to take a tougher stand,…for the moment.

A political epiphany, – or desperate political math?  We’ve never heard Boehner’s personal views on illegal immigrants.

We shouldn’t feel too much relief,  because Obama could suddenly appear to be acting cooperative and conciliatory – and Boehner would likely cave.


IMPORTANT to KEEP in MIND:   The ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform‘ that Obama wants would allow previously convicted and deported violent criminals – including thieves, rapists, pedophiles, and drug dealers – to RETURN – with Green Cards – and a ‘path to citizenship’.

AND, none of this stops Massachusetts MoonBats from giving illegals drivers licenses – a form of de facto amnesty.

2 Responses to “Speaker Boehner’s Immigration Epiphany?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    I understand that if he HAD gone ahead with the amnesty bill, his speakership Would have been on the line. All he cares about is being speaker of the house. I really hope somebody running in his district on the Republican side, successfully primaries him.

  2. Jim Ettwein

    If you are willing and able to make phone calls about this topic to Reps and Sens – especially the leadership, we have a script and list of names for you to call. Visit AFIR.ORG for more information. It’s worth 10 minutes to call 5 reps.