Scott Gunderson Runs For Congress

Posted August 9th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Scott was planning to challenge Niki Tsongas,  – but it seems he scared her off.  Today Pelosi’s Toady announced she’s not going to play politics anymore.  Thank God!

I’ve had several in-depth conversations with Scott over recent months,  – he strikes me as very smart and bluntly honest.  Great family too!

I fully expect Acton’s über-liberal JamieBoy Eldridge to toss his pussyhat into the ring on the Democrat side,  – and I fully expect the RiNO infested MassGOP to do their best to screw up this race…..

Folks,  – we tax-paying Americans have been given a gift today with Tsilent Tsongas dropping out.  She is utterly worthless and will not be missed!

Let’s not let either Democrats or RiNOs blow it for us!   Be vigilant!

And put aside come campaign $$$ for Scott.  He’s like us – not rich,  – so he’ll need a LOT of grassroots help in every town in the 3rd CD!

Scot’s website:

BREAKING:   Tues 26 Dec 2017   Sad news, Scott has dropped out of the race – has endorsed Rick Green.


3 Responses to “Scott Gunderson Runs For Congress”

  1. Meat And Potatoes

    If you have a contact have him call me to get on the show

  2. Sonny's Mom

    Meatie: here’s a sign-up form:

  3. Flyboy

    Looking forward to the run and changing the direction of the MA political scene. Out of control spending and corruption.