Sarah Huckabee Sanders ROCKS!

Posted September 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

If you missed yesterday’s WH Press Conference – you missed two great moments of Sarah taking on the bleeding heart never-Trump Propaganda Ministry, – and throwing cold hard facts back in their teeth.   I call it “The Sarah Smack-down!”

This young lady makes me happy EVERY day!   Rock on Girl!

Sad,…but it’s pretty clear these ‘reporters’ haven’t bothered to read – certainly not STUDY – our Constitution….

…they’re just looking for Hate-Trump Stories….

Makes you wonder WHY these nit-picking nit-wits never went after Obama and his Cartel with probing questions. 

Yeah, we know – they were his cheer-leading squad.

2 Responses to “Sarah Huckabee Sanders ROCKS!”

  1. Mt Woman

    She’s one strong lady–no light humor or reticence in her delivery. She is her father’s daughter! Good work Sarah!

  2. Sherox

    Good job, Sarah.