SAFE Gun Act VS Common Sense

Posted February 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

A lot of police cars came to the Harvey Austin School in Buffalo Thursday – there was a report of ‘a man with a gun’.
Dwayne Ferguson - Harvey Austin gun incident

It took awhile, but they found the guy.   Dwayne Ferguson – long-time youth worker [at-risk kids] and long-time proponent of New York’s onerous SAFE Gun Act, was teaching a group of kids.

Oops, Dwayne forgot that he was packing!  So two questions arise…

gun free school zoneONE:  How does someone get into a school these days – with a gun?  Nobody learned anything from Sandy Hook?   You think a sign will keep your kids safe?

TWO:  Will the judge look at Dwayne’s record and forgive his human mistake?  He quickly moved fifty kids to the cafeteria, closed and guarded the door – not knowing the cops were searching for HIM. 

Or will he lose his license and even do jail time?

When liberals write laws, they usually overlook common sense situations. 

When űber-liberals write laws in a frenzy of emotion, – bad things happen – even to their best friends.

2 Responses to “SAFE Gun Act VS Common Sense”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    If Dwayne wasn’t a black man this might be a real issue, – but I predict, given his obvious liberal bias, there will be nothing to see here. Who blew the whistle on Harvey?

    So the DOJ is visiting RRB, should we watch for the Blackhawks overhead and subsequently the IRS auditors, or are we indemnified under the First Amendment?

  2. Casey Chapman

    Tom is right. Because Dwayne was blessed to be born black, the press probably won’t give this much coverage.