Russians Practice ‘Scuttle Diplomacy’!

Posted March 6th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Blockading harbors is an ancient act of war.  Russia just did it to the Ukrainian Navy harbored in Lake Donuzlav.  They sank an aged Soviet-era warship across the inlet.
Scuttle Diplomacy
They may ‘claim’ that those Russian troops in unmarked uniforms are ‘Local Militias’ – but that mothballed warship didn’t arrive and sink in the channel all by itself.

Blocked Inlet

Cruiser Ochakov Sunk blocking Lake Donuzlav


QUESTIONS:  [questions the American Media will NEVER ask…]

Did the CIA / NSA / Naval Intelligence see this move coming?  

Did they tell Hagel,  Kerry,  Biden,  Rice,  or Obama?

Do any of those five geniuses have a CLUE?

4 Responses to “Russians Practice ‘Scuttle Diplomacy’!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Russian troops in unmarked uniforms are local militias?

    Quote from the front: “Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!”

  2. Hawk1776

    The events in the Ukraine are the result of having an extremely weak Emperor and a buffoon as Secretary of State. I doubt anyone wants war with Russia, but Putin knew we could do nothing and would do nothing. NATO, with a crippled US, is powerless. The only hope for the Ukraine is for sufficient economic sanctions.

    If you think Putin will stop with the Ukraine, you’re drinking Obama Kool-Aid. Obama has done one his work and emasculated the US. Residents of Eastern Europe should be very afraid.

  3. Walter Knight

    We should destroy Syria’s air force while Russia is occupied in the Crimea. That would allow the Syrians to free themselves of their Dictator, and force the eviction of the Russian naval base in Syria.

  4. Walter Knight

    Do Russians really read this website?

    Напишите мне письмо.

    The Russians are on RRB 30 – 50 times a day Walter; – the Chinese maybe 100 times. They have the manpower and the computers, – and the burning desire to know what various sectors of our population are thinking about current events.

    I hope you get your email…. Just be careful of any attachments….