RRB Begins Our Sixth Year

Posted April 3rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Small RRB begins year sixWe are deeply grateful for your support, – but still fearful for our Young Republic.

A BIG Tango Yankee to our dedicated network of trained agents across this land.  You supply us with so many story leads that we can never publish them all.

We wondered at first if there would be enough to write about. HA!  How quickly we discovered there’s no lack of political and social outrage in any corner of the land. 

Sadly, Republicans [or fake Republicans] are too often the guilty parties.

One of the saddest things we’ve had to conclude is that a majority of Americans – and certainly the folks here in Massachusetts – are historically ignorant, politically vacuous, and deliberately and defiantly uninformed.  They don’t know, they don’t want to know, – and they don’t give a shit.

I’ve concluded after many signature drives that about 40% of Americans aren’t even registered to vote, – and some are defiantly proud of it.   Many times I’ve had someone ~ seemingly a solid citizen ~ say “I don’t vote, – I don’t believe in it!”  They are totally willing to be ruled by others, i.e. they’re obedient 21st Century serfs.  They’re raising their children to be like them, – far more concerned with a cell phone app than the workings of their town and state governments.



There are two (2) enormous threats to the US and our way of life, – and most Americans do not see them – or believe they are threats….

1.  Creeping Islam – the Muslim takeover of Europe and North America – actually aided and abetted by our current pResident.  Most Americans have no clue – even after 9/11 and the Marathon bombing – of the true nature of Islam, – and how Muslims are infiltrating American society and American Government.

Today most Americans – and most elected officials – cannot explain the differences between Sunni and Shia, – cannot explain Sharia, – and are totally unaware of the ongoing daily murder of Christians across the Islamic world from North Africa to sub-Saharan Africa and across the Middle East and South Asia and Southeast Asia.

 Sunni Shia map

American school teachers who tell students to be accepting of all cultures and all peoples – have no knowledge of Sharia Law, – and are ignorant of the life and status of Muslim womento include female circumcision

2.  Union School Teachers in our public school system – from pre-K through graduate school. They no longer even pretend to teach History and American Government

Instead they’re teaching World Socialism, World Government, Global Warming, and mandatory tolerance of everything from gay cross-dressing, abortion, and accepting Islam as a co-equal ‘religion’.  Kindergarten teachers are giving gay sex education [propaganda] to 5-year olds!

Meanwhile, most public school teachers cannot give you a concise history of WWI and it’s outcomes, – cannot explain how American stupidity in the person of Woodrow Wilson created the conditions which aided the rise of Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, – led to WWI, Korea, Vietnam, and the gulf wars.  

Now two full generations of Americans have been graduated in GRAND IGNORANCE – believing that single stream recycling is more important than teaching their own kids the US Constitution and why the Founding Fathers wrote into it what they did.

Union teachers are the willing, even eager servants of World Socialism and the new Democratic [socialist] Party,  – telling class-after-class that Democrats are ‘for the people’, and that Republicans are racists and only for the ‘rich fat cats’.

Somebody PLEASE write and tell me about a high school teacher who has bluntly told his / her students about the true history of the Democratic Party and slavery, the Civil War,  Jim Crow laws, the KKK,  their opposition to voting and civil rights laws, – and their long history of big-city and union corruption.  Anybody? Please!

Ask ANY recent high school grad about Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall. Watch the blank stare.

Ask a current high school student to tell you what happended in Benghazi.

Do your own survey:  See how many of your neighbors think ownership of a scary-looking AR-15 rifle should be tightly restricted;  – even as they want to grant amnesty – and citizenship –  to Mexicans who are here illegally.

So we at RRB will labor on.  Our goal is to give the average patriot fresh ammunition in this war of ideas and culture, – and ~ just maybe ~ bring a few Democrats back from the Dark Side.

I remain eternally grateful to our founder – Jim Ettweinthe original Rabid Republican – and Acton’s most worthy citizen.  He has patiently mentored me through a painful software learning curve, – and restored the blog site twice when we over-stuffed our allowed storage space.  

And he stood unwaveringly by my side when I angered the local RepublicRATS – those squishy RiNOs who cherish getting along with their Democrat bridge partners more than they value standing up for Patriotic and Republican values.

Jim, I will never be able to adequately thank you for all you do for America, and for starting RRB.  You are a true American Patriot!

May God continue to watch over our Young Republic, and continue to guide our hearts and our hands!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “RRB Begins Our Sixth Year”

  1. Casey Chapman

    True conservatives love their country and their fellow man above all. Rino’s are most concerned about social connections and power. Being invited to the right cocktail parties, etc. Conservatives think with their intellect, while progressives in BOTH parties think with their emotions. They worry about being liked instead of being right. Keep up the good work Mike.

  2. Jim Ettwein


    We had a simple vision back then. To get the word out on issues that the local RTCs didn’t seem to want to embrace. We felt that there was a need, even a thirst, for more meat. Yes, red meat.

    Neither of us foresaw how thirsty conservatives are. We now know, and the local RTCs still don’t get it, that there is a strong following for the right message (pun intended).

    My friend, we all have you to thank for so many thought-provoking posts over the past 5 years. The bite. The satire. The funny pictures. The constant message. All were needed, and still are needed.

    As we move into year 6 I see the need is even greater. Even more so than in 2010. We helped then, and we’ll help again. Thanks to our readers. But mostly, thanks to you.

    You are the solid foundation of the entity that is RRB. Keep up the good work, fighting the good fight. God bless you, and the United States of America. May she once again be as free as she once was.

    Jim Ettwein